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The Must-know Things to Date Asian Women

Many people like to look for love beyond their own territory, especially in Asia. Some do it out of exoticism as they find Asian women beautiful, and others because they can’t find someone right for them in their homeland. Whatever the reason, before embarking on your love journey in Asia, you need to think carefully about if this is really what you want, as having a relationship with someone with different cultural backgrounds can be challenging. This said, it can be done, and with a little help from this article, you can become an expert in dating Asian women!

Before diving in and starting looking, here are some points to consider:

1)Plan ahead.

Think carefully about the possible challenges you may face when dating Asian women. Make sure you have a plan and are certain you will be able to overcome these problems if and when they arise.

2) How will you tackle the problem with culture and customs?

How important is your own culture and customs to you? When you are in a relationship with an Asian lady, you may have to strike a balance between yours and hers. And when you have children, which traditions will you pass down? In order for an intercultural relationship to last, understanding and immersing yourself in each other’s culture, and having shared values, is extremely important.

3) Make a list of the things your future partner must have, and those which you couldn’t stand.

This includes not only qualities specific to Asian women but also other traits you want or don’t want her to have. In order to find a long and lasting relationship with the “perfect” Asian match, you need to know what you are looking for, and she must have all these essential characteristics.

Now that you’ve decided Asian ladies are for you, the next step is picking one up. Asian women are a little different from other women, but as long as you follow these tips, you will definitely be able to attract one and even start a relationship with one!

1) Be direct and take the lead.

Asian women are renowned for their shyness and submissiveness. They don’t like to take the lead as they believe women should be more reserved. As a result, Asian women prefer someone who is confident and decisive. If you’re interested in her, tell her directly as she may not take hints so clearly.

2) This said, you shouldn’t force it.

Being straightforward and confident does not mean making her do things she doesn’t want to do. Asian women are not as open as western women, so it is better to take things slowly. Sex on the first date may be popular in western cultures but is not recommended with female Asian single, unless you want her to feel disrespected.

3) Be romantic.

Although most women like romantic men, Asian women take this romance very seriously, so remember to small but sweet things for her, such as buying surprise gifts and flowers, writing her a poem or planning a date to remember. She will remember it for life.

Once you have picked up your dream Asian love, this is just the beginning. Although there is no set way in how to date Asian singles, it’s still good to know some things which you should definitely avoid:

1) Stereotypes are not always true.

Most Asian women are submissive, are good at cooking and cleaning and make good wives, but this is slowly changing as Asia is becoming more and more westernized, not to mention those who have lived in western countries for a long time already. You can still find traditional Asian women, but if you don’t, don’t be surprised. If you do, don’t let her go!

2) Don’t try to guess where she is from on a first date.

Not only will it sound rude but also will make a bad first impression. Also, don’t base your conversation around her traditions. If you want to try and impress her with your knowledge of her culture or language, make sure you know what you’re saying and don’t go overboard. Don’t say hi in Japanese to a Chinese girl or you will sound stupid and disrespectful. Remember you should be finding out more about her person and interests on your first date.

3) Treat her as any other woman, and not an Asian woman.

Although the reason you chose to date an Asian woman is because she’s Asian, but you shouldn’t focus so much on this fact but on her personality. You are dating her because you are interested in her as a whole and not only in her culture.

4) Be prepared to do most of the talking as Asian women are extremely shy.

Although a western woman staring at you without saying a single word is a sign of disinterest, this is not the same with Asians. She is just shy. Take the lead and do most of the talking until she is comfortable with your presence.

5) Be careful with the dirty talk.

You don’t want to sound like a pervert and it’s not hard to do so with Asian women. As Asian women are more reserved and conservative, it’s not normal to talk about sex, so don’t overdo it. If possible, avoid it completely.

6) Avoid intimate acts in public.

Although it’s completely normal for a guy to kiss a girl in public in western culture, don’t do it with an Asian woman. It’s not that she doesn’t want to be kissed but rather because of her culture. It’s not normal to show intimacy in public, especially when there are people around, so wait until you’re alone.

As you can see, meeting Asian ladies is completely different from your normal western date. Because of cultural differences, one may make serious mistakes without knowing, so before you start hitting on your Asian cupid, make sure you are complete aware of what you should do and not do.

Since you’ve made a good preparation on your date in Asia, now it’s time to search for your dream love. You can begin with a mature Asian dating site which is qualified for you to find Asian singles. Actually there are many sites available for Asian dating but remember - just select the one of the highest reputation. Such dating sites always receive very good customer feedback and user rating. Asia date with an available site could be fun and expectant! So be relaxed, confident, and then get started.