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Tips and Advice on Ukrainian Girl Dating

Ukrainian women are renowned for their exceptional beauty, and are even considered the most attractive in the world. Their adorable facial features, complemented with their tall, slender bodies can make any man turn his head. You won’t find a Ukraine beauty walking down the street underdressed or without her makeup perfectly applied, as they are girly girls who always dress to impress and spend most of their resources looking their best for their men. If you weren’t already considering dating one of these gorgeous Ukrainian beauties, I bet now you want to. But how do you go about it? Here are some tips to familiarize yourself with the Ukraine dating culture.

Cold First Encounter

When you first meet a Ukrainian female, don’t expect her to greet you with a warm welcoming smile because she won’t, but don’t take this personally. The reason why Ukrainian women can appear cold and uninterested at first is because of their over-skeptical personalities when it comes to meeting new men. Things spinning in her mind might include “what does he want from me?” or “is he a sex tourist?” You can’t blame them because Ukrainian girls are often viewed as being sex objects for foreign men, and Ukraine is not really a tourist country that many people visit. Even Ukrainian singles want to leave Ukraine because of the conflict, corruption, and turmoil. So, until she can confirm that you have no ill-intentions, be prepared to be questioned like a criminal. Questions she may ask include:

  1. - Why did you choose Ukraine?
  2. - How many times have you been here?
  3. - What do you think of Odessa Ukraine ladies?
  4. - Have you had a Ukrainian girlfriend before?

I’d recommend preparing a realistic background story to justify the purpose for your stay, the most effective being work or business opportunities.

The Dating Process

The first date should be casual – Ukraine ladies enjoy the dating process, so don’t expect her to end up in bed with you on the first date. Going for a walk in the park is best way to start off and build rapport. In Ukraine, men are expected to do most of the talking and to carry the conversation on a date. Focus on showing your social skills and gentleman charm and don’t expect too much physical contact. If you’re lucky and she’s interested in you, you can try and kiss her. The second date should involve dinner at a moderately priced cafe which you have chosen, signaling your romantic interests in the girl. Then, on the third date, you can arrange drinks or dinner somewhere close your apartment. By the end of the third date, her intentions should be clear to you. If you still have not got a convincing kiss by her then, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask her directly what her intentions are.

Be a Gentleman while Showing Leadership

Ukrainian men in general don’t treat their women well nor respect them; any Ukraine single will tell you this, so make sure you do. Be a gentleman – open doors for her, let her sit first, pay for dinner and the taxi and make her feel safe both morally and physically. This said, Ukraine girls like their men to take the lead and make the decisions, and will be constantly assessing your strength as a man so take responsibility for vital issues like an alpha male. Displaying signs of weakness will put you at a disadvantage, the reason being Ukrainian women know survival is not easy, especially in Ukraine, so they need strong men to provide for her and your family. Finding a balance between being a gentleman and being assertive is not easy, but can be learned through experience. Remember, showing leadership does not mean you don’t have to respect her.

Show your Intelligence

Ukrainian girls are among those in the world who like men who show their intelligence. Unlike in western culture, doing so won’t dull the mood but demonstrate high value, as they value educated men. However, talking about or giving your point of view about politics is not recommend because of the current situation Ukraine is in. It will do more damage than good.

Learn about Ukrainian Culture

Despite Ukraine’s not being a modern country, Ukraine friends still take strong pride in their country. So, in order to maintain a relationship successfully with a Ukrainian love, it is vital to take time to learn about her culture. This also includes learning the language, and the best way to do this is by watching Ukrainian TV. Take note that Western Ukraine generally speaks Ukrainian and Eastern Ukraine Russian.

Meet Her Family

If you see women on the street with their arms locked with their mothers’, don’t be surprised, as family is an extremely important part of a Ukrainian woman’s life. So, if you’re in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman and want to demonstrate your seriousness, be prepared to meet her parents and buy them a small gift. Flowers for her mother and a bottle of alcohol for her father is acceptable without going over the top.

Be Romantic

All women like to be treated special, and Ukrainian girls are not exception. Buying her flowers on special days like birthdays, Women’s Day and New Year’s is a must, and they can go so far as to make a big deal out of it if you don’t. You should also buy her small gifts from time to time and show your love through words to let her know she is special. Make sure to compliment her every day, no matter how she looks – don’t just give general compliments but be more specific and recognize something specific about her, such as her nails, sexy skirt and shoes, or perfume so she knows you appreciate her effort in the small things she does to look pretty. When dating online, you can make the chat with Ukrainian ladies more interesting and lasting by using complimentary words. Valuable Ukraine chat can bring you two closer in a short time.

As we can see, dating Ukrainian women is a somewhat different process to dating western women. Many people don’t understand the cultural differences and believe Ukrainian girls are hard to pick up. As long as you put all the tips provided above into practice, you’ll be dating a gorgeous Ukrainian beauty in no time!