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How to Date a Strong and Uniquely Enchanting Israeli Woman?

Israeli women make excellent partners in life. Aside from their God-given looks, Israeli women are adventure-seekers, sweet yet straightforward, and die-hard loyal to their partners. Here are facts to know when you date an Israeli woman.

1.She can be bold and fierce.

Israeli women are known to be fierce and bold. She is inclined to say what she would really want to say, even to the point that she may sound harsh. More often than not, people get the wrong impression that these beautiful Israeli women are rude. However, that is not the case. Israelis just tend to set things straight in the first place especially in dealing with life and even in dating. It just takes some getting used to. If she doesn’t find you attractive, then she will cut you out straight. However, if you catch her off-guard, then don’t be surprised if she will hand out her number without much thought.

2.She wants honesty.

If you plan to date an Israeli girl, then you should be honest with your intentions with her in the first place. She will most likely respect you for being assertive and for taking the lead. Israelis love the challenge and maybe persistent with it. If you are not really interested in taking the relationship to the next level, then be brutally honest with her, and she’ll understand and let you be. However, if you plan to woo her or see her again, then tell it straight to her face; she will respect and like you more for it.

3.She is tough and strong. Thanks to her army experience.

Israeli men and even women are mandated to join the army. In fact, Israel is one of the few countries that requires a military service requirement from the female populace. Therefore, you should not be threatened that the Israeli girl you are dating has far more battle experience than you. Because of her familiarity with the battlefield, expect a fierce and tough girl. Nonetheless, she is also sweet especially to people close to her heart. You may hear her call you “neshama sheli” in Hebrew which means you are dear to her heart.

4.She is die-hard loyal to you.

Israeli women are known to be dedicatedly loyal to their country and most especially to their men. You should not fear that with her good looks she will be snagged up so easily as she will vehemently refuse guys who try to woo her. She will even proudly shout out that she is with someone just to keep guys from making a move with her. Also, she will also proudly introduce you to friends and relatives even at the early stage of the relationship.

5.She is extremely possessive.

If you are dating an Israeli woman, then expect her to be very territorial or jealous. She will guard you off like you are her property, which is kind of cute. Israeli women are possessive of what they have. If they see someone trying to catch your attention, they will not right away make a scene; but, for sure they will mark you as hers alone. Thus, it will help you get rid of the unnecessary attention from other girls.

6.She is direct to the point.

You would often hear the word ‘tachles’ when you date Israeli women. It is a Hebrew word that actually means get to the point. Israelis are known to be direct and straight forward with what they actually want. If you want to say something to her, then you should say it with all honesty to her face. During the whole course of the relationship, expect her to be brutally honest and straight forward with you. She will also expect you to be ‘tachles’.

7.Family is important for her.

Israelis still value close family ties. In fact, if she considers your relationship as something serious, she will most likely introduce you to her family even at the early stage of courtship. Israeli women love to invite their date to a Shabbat meal; it is a Judaism tradition where the Jews take a breather from technology and outside world to spend quality dinner with their loved ones from Friday sundown until it falls again on Saturday. This means that you will get to meet her family. Israeli families are known to be warm and welcoming to their visitors. You get to experience the Israeli culture and indulge in the gastronomic adventure they offer.

8.She tends to enjoy life to the fullest.

Maybe because of the harsh and violent environment they grew up with, Israelis tend to live life to the fullest. Expect your Israeli girl to make the most out of anything whether it is in partying, eating, etc. Also, when it comes to loving, expect her to give all out. Therefore, you must also treat her with the utmost respect and loyalty. Israeli girls also love to party. They enjoy music and love to dance to the beat.

These are just the lovely distinct traits of Israeli women that make them incredibly unique yet enchanting. They may be blunt, tough, and straightforward, yet they could also make you all mushy inside. Usually, single Israeli women prefer the traditional approach of dating; but with the surge of technology, you may also find many Israeli ladies in dating sites or apps. Remember, no matter how tough a woman may seem to be, she is still a delicate and fragile individual inside.