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Learn What Makes Slovenia Women Irresistible

Slovenian women are a dream for most men around the world. Eastern European women have become the go-to for many singles looking for a new love. Now, before you dive into their culture and fall into their arms, there are some things you need to know about them. Read on, understand and fall in love with gorgeous Slovenian women. 

Athletic bodies with a beautiful face

One of the first things you are going to realize when you date girls from Slovenia is that they really look very good. Most women in Slovenia will sit comfortably above the average girl in most countries. They have beautiful faces and as a part of their culture, they are deeply into self-care, going to the gym and eating healthy. It is very rare to find a Slovenian woman who doesn’t look like she cares about herself. Most of the times, the worked-on, sculpted body comes with a beautiful face to match it. So get that six-pack ready, she´s going to love you for it.


Casual is their style

Slovenian girls are the kind of girls that doesn’t need or want to look too sophisticated, but really appreciates natural, casual looks. You will very likely find elegant women in a night club, but walking down the streets of the country you will also find girls in casual outfits. This can be a downer for some men who prefer girls that are very much into make-up and overdressing. For those who love natural beauty in a girl, it is a beautiful landscape to look at. Embrace casual as your style too and go straight for her heart.


Honesty always comes first

Girls from Slovenia are very serious about this: brutal honesty before anything else. Yes, they love to say things like they are to your face and will not save anything for themselves; they will definitely go for the truth and won´t care about consequences. Don´t take it as something aggressive or personal because it is the complete opposite; the truth should always be welcome. If she brings comments to the conversation about you or your looks or your actions, practice your listening skills and accept criticism. Her honesty will always come first for her and, with time, it might be the same for you.

Natural beauty

When you date Slovenian girls, you have to bear in mind that they really go for the simple, minimalistic look most of the times. They love to show their natural curves, face and eyes without make up and look beautiful doing it. She will definitely dress-up for an occasion or a fancy place, but will be happiest showing her smile in her casual outfit on a Saturday afternoon. Slovenian women are naturally beautiful and not afraid to show you that. She will most likely be beautiful and comfortable being herself.


A warm heart and kind manners

Slovenia girl dating is all about keeping your manners and being kind. They will always answer you with perfect manners and a huge smile; there´s absolutely no doubt about that. They love to talk about their country and invite you to understand and know their culture. They always treat foreigners with special respect, kindness and manners. Go with the flow and show her your manners too, she will be positively impressed.



Every beautiful Slovenian girl you meet is not going to have all of these characteristics, but most of them will be there. If you think the above suits your search criteria for love, fall for a Slovenian girl and never look back.