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How to Win a Date with a Korean Girl?

Korean girls are known for their flawless skin and charming appearance. No wonder, men have swamped online dating sites just for a chance to date Korean girls. They are not only known for their eye-candy looks, but Korean girls are also known for their upbringing. They are well-rounded, speak softly and eloquently, and carry themselves well. Thanks to their incarnate culture, Korean girls are groomed to be respectful and disciplined individuals.

Before you try to win a date with a Korean girl, you must know first the dos and don’ts of Korean dating etiquette. Don’t start blindly as it may break your chances of scoring a date. Read this guide to help you with your pursuit of a lovely Korean lady.

1.Find your ideal Korean girl

If you happen to be living in Korea, then you can find a perfect match from there. However, if you live miles away from this beautiful country, then dating sites and apps will help you find your ideal Korean girl. Make sure that the online dating site you choose is above-board. You may need to sign up on sites to help you find a perfect match with your Korean dream girl.

2.Be attractive

Korean ladies are more fascinated in fit, well-groomed, handsome guys. Therefore, if you think you still have to lose extra pounds, then hit the gym first before you try to woo your dream Korean girl. If you are a foreigner, then you are already a dream catch for these ladies -- much more if you embody the physical qualities that they are looking for in a partner.

3.Know their mannerisms

The Korean culture is still vividly practiced by most Koreans including women. They have certain mannerisms that could give you a hint of what they really want. Therefore, before going on a date, you must be aware of these hints as it may indicate that you may or may go for further dates.

4.Be straightforward with your intentions

Korean women are apprehensive with regard to the perception of them being an easy catch, especially with foreign men. You must be downright straight with your intentions with her, to give her assurance. Korean dating culture compels men to tell their intentions in advance, as to avoid misconceptions and expectations. You must also cite your plans with the rest of her family as required by her culture.

5.Communicate proactively

Communication is vital especially for a budding relationship. Most women are insecure, Korean women inexact. Korea is a patriarchal society, and women are only given limited power over the country, making them more insecure. If you will take so much time just to reply to their simple text messages, chats, or emails, they will feel degraded. A simple Annyeonghaseyo or Annyeong Aleumdaun in the morning will go the extra mile for you.

6.Embrace the Korean culture

Embracing the Korean culture is a true epitome of your affection to your Korean girl. It is not just enough to try to learn the Korean culture but embracing and living the culture may win their hearts. Try to learn and speak Korean; start by saying simple phrases like ‘Kamsahamnida’ which means thank you. This simple act of assimilation may move mountains to win you a date with a Korean girl.

7.Give her presents

Korean girls love to receive presents from their prospects, either chocolates, flowers or anything that girls like. However, this doesn’t mean that they are materialistic but receiving gifts would somehow boost her confidence and make her feel special. She will see that you are making an effort to give her a good impression, which is an added bonus for you.

8.Let her be in control (at least for this once)

Due to their patriarchal society, Korean women are insecure individuals. During dates, Korean girls sometimes come out as timid as they think they have nothing good enough to say. They are used to Korean men only seeing them and not hearing what they have to say. Many Korean women want to escape such a dire situation, and one way is by dating foreign men. Therefore, give her a chance to speak out, either you let her decide where to go or just listen to her talk about anything under the sun. This simple act of kindness may uplift her being, and give her a positive self-image. She will learn to appreciate and may even love you for that.

9.Let her feel she’s loved

Korean girls are anxious about the notion of them being an easy candy for foreigners. They might make you sweat a bit more even though they have already started to feel affectionate towards you. Don’t make this a big deal and let this hinder you in pursuing your charming Korean lady; instead, consider this as an indication that she sees you as a prospective partner. Dating Korean women entails knowing how to pursue her relentlessly even when she says no.

10.Be somebody

Most Korean women are educated and achievers; thus, they expect their men to be the same as well. Most likely, Korean women will ask you first what you do for a living before even asking for your name. That’s how high they value success for their men. You have to be a somebody a Korean lady will be proud of.

Dating Korean women might be just an easy-peasy for some. However, if you are considering a serious relationship with a Korean lady you have to do the extra mile by learning their customs, living their culture, and making her feel special. This guide may help you get your Korean dream girl. Good luck!