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The Types of Women You Will Date in Singapore

Singapore is considered a melting pot of nationalities. As a result, dating Singapore women is very diverse. They come from different heritage and culture. Here are the different types of girls that you might date in Singapore:

● Intellectual Ladies

Singapore is a pretty prosperous country with humble beginnings. A reason behind this is because they raise their daughters to be educated individuals. As a result, a fraction of Singaporean women are considered Intellectual ladies.

Intellectual ladies have minds of their own. They are not fans of patriarchy, and they will give you a piece of their mind. If you want an outspoken woman, then an Intellectual Singaporean lady is the type of girl for you.

However, do not expect to see these types of ladies in matchmaking Singapore. You have to be introduced by a friend or a colleague because they tend to have a guarded circle similar to other kinds of Asian ladies.

● Modern Independent Women

Another type of singles Singapore woman you might meet is a modern independent woman. This type of woman is also referred to as a career-driven woman. Their priority is usually their work, and they are on the road to achieving success.

Often, these types of women intimidate men, especially those who prefer more feminine women. However, modern independent Singaporean women are still capable of juggling their busy careers and relationship because they always value family. If you are lucky to meet this type of woman, you will be proud to date someone who is immensely driven to achieve self-improvement.

● Ang Moh Pai Girls

An Ang Moh Pai girl is someone who has western standards when it comes to men, food, and lifestyle. These are often women seeking men Singapore websites. Most Ang Moh Pai Girls are well-traveled throughout western countries, so they have a good understanding of some of the cultures.

Dating an Ang Moh Pai girl is a lot easier compared to other types of Singaporean girls. They can be commonly found in dating site Singapore showing interest in dating foreign men. They are also more likely to fit your standards but still retain the unique Asian traits that everybody adores.

● The Thrift Lady

The majority of Singaporean women are Chinese or have Chinese heritage. As a result, some of them were able to retain the thrifty trait of the Chinese people. Although you might think that this type of Singaporean lady is not ideal, you will surely appreciate spending less to make her happy if you happen to date one.

The thrifty Singaporean ladies are practical. Their relationships are not built on material things but rather on genuine bonds. This kind of attitude will assure you that you are dating someone who is not after your money or gains but because of your personality and identity.

If you date a thrifty Singaporean Lady, expect your dates to be simple. You are more likely going to spend your dates by walking around the city, taking in its natural beauty. Afterward, she might take you to a Hawker center where you will experience a gastronomic adventure of different Asian Cuisine. She will teach you that the best things in life do not need high prices to be enjoyed.

Where to Meet Singaporean Women

Here are some places where you can meet Singaporean women:

● Online

Due to the fact that Singapore is a very diverse country in terms of nationalities and culture, women are open to the idea of joining an online dating Singapore website. There is no criticism in doing this, so women feel comfortable with forming virtual relationships with foreigners. They can speak and understand English as well, so the language barrier is not a significant issue.

If you are looking to get a dating agency Singapore, it is best to reconsider. They are often expensive and unreliable, and you are more likely going to get higher success by venturing on your own in online dating platforms.

● Clubs

This may come as a surprise, but many Singaporean girls know how to party. If you are interested with this type of girls, you are bound to find them in one of these local clubs:

1. Zouk Club

It is easy to say that the Zouk club is one of the most popular and most prominent clubs in Singapore. It is a hotspot for single Singapore women who know how to party like there is no more tomorrow.

2. The Attica

The Attica is another well-known club that single Singaporean women frequent. However, compared to Zouk, those who go to the Attica are a mixture of laidback and adventurous women. If you are looking for a variety, then Attica is the place to be.

3. 28 Hong Kong Street

Drinks International has crowned this club as one of the best bars in Asia. Due to that, it is an excellent place to meet a couple of Singaporean girls over a bottle of beer. Here you will find a variety of types of Singaporean women as well.

● Malls

Singapore has big and grandiose malls that women visit during the weekends for social and personal activities. If you want to meet a Singaporean in a laidback and organic way, you might want to stroll around the following malls:

1. The Mambo Beach Club

It's an excellent place to have coffee with a Singaporean woman during the day and party throughout the night.

2. ION Orchard Mall

The ION Orchard Mall has everything that girls want from salons to retail shops. This is why many of them gather in this location, especially during weekends and holidays.


If you are indecisive when it comes to the type of woman you want, entering a Singapore dating website is a good idea. There you will find a variety of kinds of women from all walks of life. You will eventually match with someone who will click with you in terms of personality and interest.

There is no shortage of interesting and beautiful women. They are one of the most diverse and exciting nationalities in Asia, so you are sure to be on an adventure in getting to know the different types of them.