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Truth About Dating Polish Women

Men have little knowledge about Polish women. Maybe because of the fact that these girls are not really inclined to social media or a random Polish dating site in looking out for potential partners. However, getting to know more about these exquisite ladies from Poland might make you see things from a different angle.

Here are some things you may want to know that makes these hot Polish ladies unique at the same time captivating:

  1. 1. They are modest, calm, and laidback than their Eastern European counterparts.

  2. More often than not, people used to stereotype girls a lot: Russian ladies are independent yet resilient, Latinas are go-getters and passionate, and Eastern Europeans are bold and overbearing. However, that is not true in most cases, especially for the female Polish. Ladies in Poland are quite relaxed and unpretentious; they usually like to dress up casually which is the opposite of what we use to think of them being in Eastern Europe. They usually dress appropriately to make the right impression.

    Also, people have this inkling that Polish ladies are serious and doesn’t know how to smile. Again, one of the inaccurate misconceptions regarding Polish women. Just for your knowledge, these ladies know how and when to smile; therefore, you must use all the tools in your arsenal to be able to see her radiating smile.

  3. 2. They are well-educated.

  4. To be able to impress Polish ladies, you must stimulate her mind with mind-boggling ideas or factual knowledge rather than using an underrated, overused line. At a very young age, they are already inclined to books, no wonder they are fiercely intelligent.

    Most Polish girls earn their degrees from world-renowned institutions. That’s why you have to fuel up her mind with interesting ideas and baffling information to catch her attention. However, if you are not really interested in books and other intellectual stuff, then don’t play a pretense. She will most likely know if you are just making things up, and she will appreciate you more if you are honest with her in the first place.

  5. 3. They love to call you by pet names.

  6. If you plan to have a Polish girlfriend in the near future, then expect to be called kotku, zabciu, misiacku, prosiaczku, swinko and other teeny-weeny pets names. This just shows the other side of Polish girls, their sweet side.

  7. 4. They love their language.

  8. Before you meet Polish ladies either online or personal, you must at least know their basic language difference. Although, Polski language is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn, especially for native English speakers, trying to familiarize yourself with few important words will definitely make a difference.

    For example, when referring to men you must use ski on the end of their name; on the other hand, when referring to women, you must add the word ska on their last name. At first, it may sound funny dealing with all the consonants in between, but your efforts will be much appreciated by your Polish beauty. It’s not rare Polish women dating foreign men, learn some of Polish words will help you.

  9. 5. They still believe in superstitions.

  10. Superstitions are unjustified beliefs that are still widely considered, especially Polish people. Some might say that these superstitious beliefs are so over the years, however, this is still rampantly used. Even in Polish dating, there are still credulous ideas that Polish follows.

    One classic example of irrational belief in Polski dating is never to kiss someone on the doorstep. Another example would be to sit back and count to 10 if ever you back inside the house.

    We never know why; and maybe, even the Polskis have no idea of the reason behind this, but still, they follow this unreasonable principle. You just have to respect the difference in culture and embrace it with arms wide open, if you are dead-serious in pursuing your Polish lady.

  11. 6. They love food.

  12. Polish people also have their own share of mouth-watering dishes they are proud of. One of which is the famous Pierogis which originally came from Russia; however, Polish has made a version of their own with onions, potatoes, cheese, mushroom, meat, and cabbage wrapped in a dough and served hot, either boiled or fried, with a side of sour cream. Another delectable yet a bit extreme dish to some people is Smalec, a well-seasoned pig fat with crispy bits of pork skin usually spread evenly on their bread. When Polish girls dating men they love, they will never let them leave their houses with an empty stomach.

    There are a lot more dishes Polskis have to offer, but all in all, you must never fail to serve cabbages, sausages, pierogis, soups, and cold cuts whenever you have a Polish visitor coming over.

  13. 7. They may outdrink you.

  14. Polish women may have far greater alcohol tolerance than you, which means they may outdrink you in the pub or at a party. It is quite normal to meet Polish singles in the pub; however, don’t be misled by the idea that they are heavy drinkers as well.

    One effective way Polish people use to help fight alcohol hangover is by gobbling some Ogórki Kwaszone. This pickled cucumber might help you prolong drinking sessions with the Polish girl your dating.

      Meeting Polish girls in Polish dating sites in Poland may be rare. However, don’t be dissuaded with the idea. These fun, sweet, and feminine Polish girls are all worth the courtship. We hope this article has helped you increase your chances of meeting the Polish girl of your dreams, either in person or through online dating Poland. Good luck with your search!