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Dating Etiquette: American V.S. British

Ever wonder why it is so hard to score a date with the American Girl of your dreams? Or, are you trying to find ways on how to properly date American women or British women? If so, then try to read along as we discuss the proper etiquette of dating an American woman or a British woman.

Dating is the earliest stage of a romantic relationship wherein two people try to assess each other’s suitability for a serious relationship or just for the fun. This trial and error phase may take days to weeks to months and even to years, depending on the inclination of the two to take the relationship to the next level. This consists of social activities done by the couple, either alone or with others, to try to get to know more about the other person. With the evolution of modern technology, people can now date even if you are worlds apart by simply using laptops or mobile phones.

The act of dating is universal, but its etiquette differs from country to country. The United States of America and the United Kingdom have their own share of differences, and dating etiquette is one of them. Here are the differences between dating an American woman from a British gal.

1.Meeting Prospects

British like to set up a date in a social setting or gathering. Usually, they are introduced by mutual friends or from family. They may go out on a night party with friends, or they simply go for a cup of coffee and biscuits with relatives. Either way, they will start it from there. American women also meet their prospective partners through recommendations from friends and relatives. However, they are more inclined to meet someone new either at the gym, at work, in a coffee shop, or basically anywhere. It is not a big deal for Americans, even American women, to introduce themselves to someone who snags up their attention, which is not common for British girls. So, to bag the American woman of your dreams, you have to be an eye-catcher at first.

2.First Date

For American women, the first date is the initial one-on-one date, therefore it is somewhat important for them. This usually starts awkward but as the conversation deepens, the environment tends to become more relax. For the Brits, there is no such thing as first dates because they already have an inkling knowledge about their prospects during a social setting; therefore, there is no uneasiness between the two.

3.Asking Out

In the UK, it is not rare for a British lady to ask someone out. However, most American ladies tend to be more shy to boldly ask a man out. Though they are confident enough to introduce themselves to someone who caught them off-guard, they patiently wait for that guy to initiate the first date. Hence, you should boldly make the first move to land a first date with an American woman.

4.Introducing to Friends and Family

Both American and British girls value the opinions of their social circle when it comes to their prospective partners. However, British people have a habit of introducing their probable partners a bit earlier than the Americans. American girls try to get to know the person first before asking the opinion of their friends.


The British people follow a go with the flow attitude in dating. They have this mentality that there is nothing they can do with whatever happens. However, this is not the case for Americans, most especially American girls. They have higher expectations in the dating phase. Though not all Americans have this mentality, but most, if not all, expect their date to go above and beyond with their dating plan.


Before time immemorial, there is an unofficial law that men have to pay for the date. However, that is not the case nowadays. In the UK, it is quite common for ladies to pay half of the bill. Sometimes, men offer to pay the date, but if not, then the bill will normally be split by both parties. In the US, it is more usual to see men paying the bill. If the bill is not asked to be split, usually the waiter will hand the chit to the man.

7.Taking the Relationship to the Next Level

For the Brits, there is really no serious talk as to when they take the relationship to the next level. They perceived that after going out two or three dates, they are already exclusively dating that person. On the other hand, for the Americans to make the relationship official, the two have to talk sincerely whether they are ready to put a label to their relationship.

8.Sending Kisses

Almost all know that the letters “o” and “x” connotes hugs and kisses. For British people, especially ladies, it may simply mean an end of a conversation or to say take care. Meanwhile, for the US ladies, they are fondly sending the letters “xoxo” when sending messages for their BFFs or families that means hugs and kisses. Should you receive the letters “x” or “o” during one of your conversations with an American lady, then you definitely now have an idea of how she feels towards you.

9.Online Dating

Despite the worldwide craze of online dating apps and websites, Brits especially the female populace, are still not fond of meeting a potential partner through the unconventional way; but, it doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t happen. For Americans, dating apps and websites are widely used to seek for a would-be date.

Whether you want to date a girl from America or want to build a serious relationship with a British lady, there is really no right or wrong way to date. However, you should take note of the differences in the dating etiquette between the two as what may be okay for one may come rude for the other.