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Tips and Advice on Dating Eastern European Women

European women can be divided into eastern and western European, and today we are going to focus on the east, which can be considered to produce some of the most beautiful women in the world. Eastern European girls make great lifetime partner because of their friendliness and femininity, which is no wonder why so many men from around the world dream of dating one. Some of you may have already started on your journey and need a little bit of advice, while others may still be considering. Here are some thoughts of advice that may help you. Directness is another trait of Eastern European women. It is completely acceptable and normal for a man to directly express interest in a woman – she will appreciate you as a confident man who knows what he wants in life.

General Traits of Eastern European Women

Eastern European ladies in general tend to value balanced life. They work less, travel more and enjoy every small moment in life, which is why they have two-hour lunches. They take huge pride in being fashionable and looking good, wearing skirts and high-heels most of the time, and having a more balanced diet. As a result, it is also important for men to dress well, investing in stylish, well-fitted clothing. Eastern European women are renowned for their femininity, and hate to be viewed as masculine even in the slightest way. Females are females and males are males, so women don’t expect their men to do feminine tasks, such as the housework or cooking.

Where to Meet European Singles

Eastern European women can be found anywhere in Eastern Europe, but the region is quite big, so where do you start looking? Although the women may appear to be similar in many ways, they can vary from country to country. So, let’s go into the differences to help you decide which ones you prefer most:

  1. 1) Ukraine: Ukrainian women are beautiful, fascinating and enjoyable people to talk to and to be with. They’re publicly considered the hottest girls in Europe. They enjoy freedom a lot and have quite unusual worldviews, but are extremely welcoming to foreigners and are not shy to talk to men from abroad. One of the reasons is because their English is generally quite good so you won’t have language problems if you decide on a Ukrainian beauty.
  2. 2) Russia: Russians are well-known for their astonishing beauty and, just like in Ukraine, the girls in Russia are extremely diverse. Not all women look the same, with thin bodies, blonde hair and blue eyes. You will women with fit, curvy, tall or small physiques, and some can be shy or talkative. As Russia is so big, you will be spoilt for choice with Russian beauties from different regions in Russia to choose from.
  3. 3) Poland: Polish women are not only attractive but also smart. As Poland is on the border between Eastern and Western Europe, the mixed culture they have gives them a sophisticated personality. Femininity and family-oriented are some of the best features of Polish women; they can perfectly balance their personal lives and careers at the same time, making them the perfect life partner.
  4. 4) Lithuania: It’s hard to decide which attracts men to Lithuanian women more – their beauty or their personality. Lithuanian girls are among those who can sacrifice a lot for their husbands and families, while, at the same time, pursuing their own self-development and staying beautiful. If you want the perfect partner, who will always put you in her first place, Lithuania is the place to look.
  5. 5) Romania: In comparison with girls from other Eastern European countries, Romanians are the most exotic in terms of their looks and behaviour. However, they also like to dedicate their time and effort to those who are close to them, giving them unconditional love and support. If you marry a Romanian woman, your house will turn into a paradise.
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    Dating a European woman requires you to be persistent and patient. Get ready before you search love online! To help you have a successful European cupid dating, below summarize the top secrets to dating European beauties.

    Learn the Language

    Although each European country speaks its own language, usually English is sufficient for everyday use and dating, with the exception of Ukraine and Russian, where speaking Russian will give you advantages. However, if you decide on a play to stay, it’s best to learn the local language as this will show your seriousness and interest.

    Be Yourself

    No-one likes a fake, so be yourself in front of your girl and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. She will see your sincerity which will make her like you even more. Eastern European women love hanging out with foreign men so you already have some extra points towards your attractiveness. Make sure you let her know your intentions – if you’re serious about her then let her know straight out.

    Be a Gentleman

    Good manners always impresses and leaves positives feelings. Do small things for her, like opening the door, letting her sit down first, paying the bill. You should also try and give her surprises now and then by buying her small gifts – just some flowers or a box of chocolates will make her smile. Treating her well means respecting her family too. Family ties are strong in most Eastern European countries, and women will want their parents to approve of their men so make sure you make a good first impression. Buying a small gift when you first meet is a good idea.

    As we can see, Eastern European women are gorgeous feminine and family-oriented creatures who make excellent life-long partners, and thousands of men from all over the world have always dreamed of picking one up because of this. However, many don’t realize the cultural differences that exist between these women and women from their own country, not to mention the distinctions between various European countries, and, as a result, fail to succeed. After reading this article, we hope this will help you master the techniques required to date and develop a strong relationship with your perfect Eastern European beauty!