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Why Filipino Dating Helps You Grow

You've likely heard that Filipinos are the friendliest and the most welcoming people you'll ever meet in the world. It's true, and it only makes sense that Filipino dating will get you meeting some of the nicest women in the world. Of course, that can't possibly be the only reason why you want to go for it. The truth is that cross cultural dating brings with it several great benefits that help you grow as a person. So, if you're thinking of hitting a Filipino dating site or two, here are the top ways that you grow as a person when you cross cultures to date a Filipina.

You learn a new language

Learning a new language is always a challenge. That's especially true when it comes to Filipino. The main language, Tagalog, has many different rules when it comes to grammar that need to be learned in order to effectively communicate with Filipino women or even just communicate in general. What makes it worthwhile however is that the language is beautiful itself in its expressiveness. Filipino poetry has been cited as one of the most romantic in the world and will certainly charm a Filipino lady.

The good news is that it's easier to learn the language in this country because people are willing to help you out. Filipinos find a particular joy in helping foreigners not just speak words and full sentences but understand what to look out for as well. In learning the language, you don't just get a boost when you date Filipino women you also get to interact better with a people that are welcoming and always fond of teaching or sharing—especially with foreigners.

You get to try Filipino food

Ask any Filipino single what's one of the best things about the local dating scene, and they'll tell you that it's all about the food! We're talking about great Filipino staples like adobo, sinigang, and others. These are the dishes that are signatures of the country and the culture. Judging by what others have said—even on social media—it's really good to a lot of foreigners as well. Expect eating to be a huge part of the Philippine date.

Now, getting to try a culture's food isn't just a matter of tickling the taste buds. There are stories behind these dishes and, for some families, very specific storied variations in how they prepare and they make for great conversation. Watch out too, because Philippine cupid isn't above making you eat the weirder fare—like sisig and balut—just for fun. There's nothing malicious about it, it's all part of the fun and earns you great brownie points with your date, her friends, and her family.

You experience new cultures

It's always been said that the East is far different culturally from the West. Just because there are a lot of Philippine dating sites out there, it doesn't mean that they're like you culturally. An important distinction that you need to make is that Filipinos value the collective over the individual. When your date introduces you as someone she met on a Philippines dating site , you're going under the scrutiny of her family and friends.

Philippines single women are still going to have strong ties to her folks so you want to learn to respect them. The first way to do this is take their hand in yours when you first meet and press it to your forehead. This is called the mano and your date can show you how it's done. It's a sign of great respect. And that's just the meeting. There are many more nuances of the culture that you'll learn as you go along. Luckily, many single Philippine women are happy to teach all you need to know.

You share in two worlds

If there's another thing that you'll notice about Filipinos is that they actually love foreigners. Take a peek at a cinema schedule next time you're out dating Philippines' ladies. You'll notice a lot of Western blockbusters on the marquee. Filipinos love Western culture. That's not to say that they're familiar with all the intricacies themselves. There are a lot of gaps that the movies and Netflix series don't fill, but they're very open to learning.

So here's another enriching aspect of going on a Philippine date: you get to share who you are with a lady and people who are very respective. In sharing more of who you are and what you are, you'll soon find yourself appreciating your own culture even more. This concept in itself makes for great date ideas with your Filipino match: one day is all about her culture, another day is for yours. You'll find many Westernized places you can share in the country.

You have a true adventure

Ultimately, the great thing about Philippine dating is that it takes you on a far more immersive adventure than you would “just” travelling. You get to connect with the roots and history of a people and culture and immerse yourself fully. You go home with not just potentially a special someone, you take with you stories that will last you a lifetime. After all, it's these rich experiences that people very rarely forget.

If you haven't yet, try dating a Filipino. You'll discover what has awed and allured people to the people and the country for years now. Just make sure that you're respectful and open to learning, to ensure that you make the most of what you have. And also, make sure you look for love in reputable sites to avoid getting hurt.