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Top secrets of beautiful Swedish women

Swedish women are among the most beautiful in the planet. Yes, beauty standards have changed throughout the years, but the timeless classic beauty of slim, tall figures never goes out of fashion. Read on and learn why and how to date that perfect Swedish girl today..

Reasons to date a Swedish girl

If we number all the reasons why to date Swedish girls, we would need two or three more posts like this. We are going to stick to the basics and name only those that are the most relevant.

Very low obesity rate

If you are not familiar with gorgeous Swedish girls or have never been to Sweden, you probably don´t know this. Sweden is one of the countries in the world with the lowest obesity index. What does this mean? That most probably, you´ll meet a fit and very active person that will not only look gorgeous, but will also incite you to have a healthier lifestyle.

Natural blondes at an 80%

This is something for which Swedish people are well-known: they are mostly natural blondes. Taking into account that only 2% of the world is naturally blonde, meeting beautiful Swedish women probably means meeting someone on that low percentage. If you like naturally blonde girls, Swedish are the ones you should be aiming for.

For the blue eyes add another 79%

Is a pair of clear blue eyes the perfect match for blonde hair? Many people think so. When dating Swedish women, you have to know that the above 80% is added to this 79%, growing exponentially the chances of dating a beautiful natural blonde with clear blue eyes.

How to date a Swedish girl

Swedish girl dating is not a simple task but not an impossible one either. There are some shortcuts to win her heart and we are here to tell you all about it. Read on, learn and apply and you are one step closer to success.

Respect a feminist´s space

There is one thing you definitely have to understand about Swedish girls and that is that they are mostly feminists. Respecting her private space physically and intellectually is a complete must. To be the lucky receiver of Swedish girl love you have to learn to treat her as equals, respect her opinions and give her space.

Don´t be put off by her formality

Yes, Scandinavian people can come out as cold for the rest of the world. They are formal and like to follow certain structures, that´s why when dating a beautiful girl from Sweden, you will always be walking on thin ice at the beginning. Don´t let this first impression put you off, once you´re past this first checkpoint they are among the most loving, caring and sexually active girls in the planet.

Don´t rush it

Swedish girls like taking their time to know someone before they can open their heart. As much as you shouldn’t let the formality put you off, you shouldn’t attempt to break it in the first date either. Give her time to trust you and then try to win her heart; if you rush it, you´ll be out of the game before you know.


Dating a gorgeous girl from Sweden is not impossible, but has to be done consciously and slowly. The initial formality will seem a little too much, but is a Scandinavian state of mind and once you go past it, you’ll realize that you´re with the girl of your dreams. If you love Swedish women, follow this advice and you’ll be well on your way.