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Do’s And Don’ts When Dating Czech Women

Whether you are a native of the Czech Republic or you intend to visit Prague soon, be assured that you will meet some of the stunning women in Eastern Europe. 

Czech women are naturally slender, beautiful, attractive, friendly, fashionable, humorous, cultural, courageous, and sassy. The list keeps ongoing.

You may helplessly get attracted to one of these gorgeous Czech Republic girls and hopelessly want to spend time with her. However, that would require some courageous advances and having a first date. 

Recollect, they are cultural and courageous. So, a simple mistake can blow up your chance for long.

Besides, if you are decisive about dating a young woman from Prague or any part of the Czech Republic, take a deep breath and throw all your worries behind you. This article will show you the Do's and Don'ts when dating a Czech woman: from the first date until you walk her down the aisle. Let's get started!

  1. 1 On Your First Meeting

  2. Czech Republic ladies are susceptible to everything about you when you first approach them. However, they are very particular about your greeting gesture. In the Czech Republic, it is customary to greet a young woman with a quick, bold peck on the cheek. However, if you are not that courageous to give her a quick peck on her cheek. So, you could give out your hand for a handshake and then give her a chivalry kiss on the back of her palm.


    Our verdict: on your first meeting, do not offer a handshake and leave it there. To ensure that there's kissing, either on the cheek or behind her palm. If you don’t follow these rules, you may blow up your chance. The first impression always counts, remember that.

  3. 2 On Your First Evening Date

  4. You could meet a gorgeous local Czech lady anywhere in the Czech Republic. However, you can't have your first evening date with her anywhere. This time around, you are almost going to be alone with her. You must be mindful of a handful of things here.

    First, you must groom well and dress well. In the Czech Republic, people don't dress casually except for sporting events. Walking into your date venue with a casual T-shirt and jeans may even turn off a Czech female friend, let a long a girl you find on a Czech dating site. It may pass a wrong message that you are not severe or responsible. So, you need to dress smart, simple, but also ambitious.


    Secondly, be ready to pay the bills. She may offer to pay for the drink, pizza, and taxi as you take her home, but you must decline her offer each time. After the first date, you may welcome her good benevolence, but on your first night out, it is a wrong deal.

    Thirdly, don't talk about marriage or engagements. Czech singles are responsible and interested in relationships that will eventually lead to marriage. However, they become committed to people they already know. So, your first night out isn't the time to propose. If you do, you may cause her to be suspicious and wary about you.


    Our verdict: on your first night out, don’t dress casually and do pay all the bills.

  5. 3 When You Intend to Give Gifts

  6. In Czech Republic dating culture, giving gifts is very conspicuous. You may decide to go with one on your first date or get her something special subsequently. In any case, you must ensure that the gift isn't too expensive. The general recommendation has been something that is $15 or less. If you buy her a costly gift, especially in the early days of the relationship, she may assume you want to buy her affection. This may also squash your chance forever.

    Flowers are common amongst Czech dating and other events. However, there are flower gift when it comes to a romantic date. Czech Republic female are very cultural. So, you must show up with an odd number of flowers to win her heart. However, look well that your flower isn't a chrysanthemum. In the Czech Republic, chrysanthemums are preserved for gravesides.


    Our verdict: when you intend to give a Czech Republic girl a gift, do not buy an expensive gift or a chrysanthemum, and do ensure your flowers make an odd number.

  7. 4 Your Demeanor

  8. You must be a gentleman from your first meeting with a Czech Republic lady until you meet her parents. Your honor must be overreaching. You must show up on time, have a good sense of humor, open the door for her, take her coat, let her seat first, keep her on the pedestrian part of the walkway, talk politely, walk at her pace and a lot of other chivalrous behaviors.


    Our verdict: throughout your relationship with a Czech Republic woman, don’t be rash, rude, indifferent, and harsh. Do carry a polite and gentle demeanor always.

  9. 5 Proposal

  10. No matter how a Czech Republic woman loves you and wants to spend her life with you, she will never make that eternal move. You may drop a lot of hints as you get along, but she will still wait for you to summon the courage and put forth the question: will you marry me? However, you must be mindful of this here. The traditional engagement ring in the Czech Republic is the diamond. After your proposal, if she gives consent, then you need to go to her family and inform them over dinner. Don't propose with anything other than a diamond, and do notify her parents immediately after her consent over dinner.


    In conclusion, like in every connected part of the world, there are many Czech girls dating men from other countries. However, most Czech single young girls who use the Czech Republic dating sites would be happy if you respect their culture in the same time they learn yours. They are very particular about the kind of men they date and become intimate with. Therefore, they prioritize meeting the men they date and ensuring that they fit the bill. So, you must take responsibility to keep to the prevailing "do's and don'ts" of dating Czech Republic women.

    We may not be able to help you find the most beautiful girl from Czech Republic, but we've somewhat made it easier for you to win your Czech Republic lady when you see her.