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How to Effectively Date French Women

Love has always been considered an essential and important part of one’s life since everybody has the necessity of being loved, which is why one will do anything to find the love of his life, including flying to the other side of the globe. Often, those looking for romance don’t realize the issues that may arise with regards to dating in another country, often resulting in throwing away one’s chances of happiness. In order to stop this from happening, we’ve put together tips on dating lady in France, and how to successfully find and maintain long and lasting relationships.

Take the Initiative but don’t be Pushy

French women are modern and open-minded creatures, but the majority of them would still prefer if a man approached them. It is hard to tell if a French lady likes you at the beginning as they believe being the perfect French woman is saying enough but not too much, in order to keep men wondering. So, take the risk and invite her for a drink or coffee. You’ve got nothing to lose. Also, if a French woman is into you, she will tell you, either directly or subtly, so if she does not answer your calls or messages, she’s not into you so move on.

Bring Friends on a First Date

Unlike in many other cultures, a typical French first date does not consist of a one-on-one dinner or drinks; it is more common to go out in groups and host dinner parties. They don’t have to be formal but rather casual – picnics are a good choice. The advantages of meeting up in a group takes the pressure off as not everything is focused on the two of you. It is also often more difficult to build long lasting relationships on one-on-one dates.

Arrange Active Dates & Be Unpredictable

Instead of a simple dinner or drinks with a female France single, it is common to see couples taking walks outside. Not only is this old-school romantic, it can also help you relax yourself. We all know those endless streams of thoughts and questions that are going through our minds on a first date. This can take your mind of things and is a wonderful way to get to know someone. But make sure you don’t constantly pull out your phone every time a notification comes through – keeping technology out can deepen your connection further with your date. It is also a good idea to be a little unpredictable and arrange someone unexpected as it can freshen up the romance, especially long-term ones. This said, the French do love their food, so if you do go on a dinner date, you should book a nice restaurant. And pay for the date.

Dress Well & Smell Good

French women care a lot about the way a man dresses; she would find it unacceptable if a man showed up on a date looking like he has just got out of bed, so make sure your wardrobe is stocked up with a range of different but fashionable items. Don’t forget the French are considered to be trendsetters in fashion and style. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money – you can buy pieces you can wear often, and mix and match them. And don’t forget to smell good. French girls know their perfumes and lotions, and would appreciate their men paying attention to how they smell and their overall grooming. Get your signature perfume that matches your personality instead of popular colognes.

Slow Down

French women believe that taking one’s time can allow for deeper gratitude for life, and deeper connections with your loved ones, your family and friends. This is why the French don’t rush anything, and this applies to all areas of their lives, including, eating as well as dating. (Yes, they have two-hour lunch breaks.) So, instead of packing your date with a tight schedule, take it slowly and allow your French girl some room to breathe. It is perfectly acceptable for your date to run over into your bedtime.

Don’t Share too Much

As mentioned above, French women like to take their time in all aspects of life, and this includes talking about oneself. They believe it’s much sexier to reveal yourself slowly, as it introduces an element of mystery, instead of spilling your entire life story all at once. This leaves her looking forward to more and you with her full attention when you do share something personal.

Be a Cultured Man

The French are extremely proud of their culture and do their best to keep the French language and arts alive. So, if you can, try to speak a bit of the language if you can to catch the attention of a French lady. Most French women know how to carry a conversation about a variety of topics. They don’t enjoy small talk so make sure you are familiar with subjects such as music, movies, literature, or anything art-related, as they find men who are knowledgeable in these areas especially attractive. Knowing how to pick a fine wine or cheese can get you extra points too. Unlike in some countries, it is okay to talk about politics with your French girl as it is an important topic of discussion in France, for women too. Last, but not least, make sure you show confidence, something that all French women look for in a man.

Be a Good Kisser

They don’t call a French Kiss a “French Kiss” for nothing. Having up-to-standard kissing skills is essential for French girls. Although a good kiss is a matter of preference and subjective, make sure your you kiss her with confidence, mixed with tenderness and passion.

Now that you’ve got to know a little bit about French women are you wanting to dive straight in and pick up one up? I bet you are! The French dating culture is a little different to others and it may take some time to get used. But as long as you are a well-groom, romantic and cultured gentlemen, you will have no problem getting a classy French beauty!

The crux comes with the question of where to find a qualified French girlfriend. Frankly speaking, there are many ways to fulfill your dream, especially in modern society. You can fly to France and meet with a decent French beauty, but at high cost. The fast and effective way is online dating France. Nowadays, a lot of single men use this way for dating France since it has been very matured in match making industry.

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