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Tips and Advice on Dating British Women

You may be an expert in dating and have gone out with countless girls. With all that experience, you move onto trying out something more exotic – you try beauties from the UK but fail to succeed in picking one up. This is most likely because you think you can approach any woman in the world the same way as you normally do, but you might be mistaken. Different countries have different dating cultures, and the UK is no different. So how do you date a hot British woman? Let’s talk about what British girls are like and how to successfully pull one.

Avoid Crowded Places

British girls tend to dislike crowded places, so when you’re planning your first date, bear this in mind. It is also a good idea to arrange a date at a familiar place so you can be in full control of the surroundings, but don’t take her to your regular pub as you may be constantly disturbed by people you know. Make sure you are the one who decides on the venue as they like to test out if you can make a good choice or not. You should also offer to pay the bill, but be prepared that she may insist on paying part of it. If so, suggest paying for her somehow later, like on your next date.

Make a Good First Impression

To make a good first impression, it is important to do all the basic and simple things. Make an effort in choosing your outfit – don’t overdo it but don’t underdo it either. Dress casually in something you’re comfortable with, as long as it doesn’t consist of something like an old-T-shirt or a pair of ripped jeans – and remember to shower and use deodorant. Greet her with a big smile, tell her how beautiful she looks, hold the door open for her, let her sit down first and pour wine for her when she needs a refill. Making sure you do all the basics will get you half way there.

Be Upfront, Honest and Confident

Honesty and confidence are two traits every man should have. British girls highly value men who can show confidence in whatever they do, so when you’re talking about something you like, do it with passion, and always be honest. Being and not disguising yourself can have a positive effect on women. This also includes being upfront instead of giving suggestive hints – if you want ask her out on date, then do it in normal direct language. Don’t say things like “let’s hang out” as this can be confusing as to what your real intentions are.

Love British Culture

Britain is one of the most important countries and cultures in the world’s history, so how can you not love its vibrant culture? However, do take note that each country of Britain has its unique traditions and they don’t always get along, so don’t treat them all the same. This said, don’t go overboard and think you need to take a British girl to a tea shop on the first date to show your respect to the culture. Most British enjoy a good cuppa but a drink at a bar will do nicely. British women also enjoy a good pint so it’s okay to buy them beer, and not just expensive wine or champagne.

Keep a Long Story Short and Be Funny

If you are one of those people who like to tell long stories, don’t, unless you want to exhaust your British girl. You will have plenty of opportunities to tell your full-version stories if your first date is successful. Talking about your problems at home or at work is also not recommended or necessary. Try to make your conversations light-hearted and make sure it’s a two-way conversation – asking her questions and listening to her shows your interest in her. Be cool, casual and charm her with your words. You are also expected to make your British date laugh, but remember that British humour is a little different. A lot of it is subtle and dry, and involves a sense or sarcasm or wit, so don’t be offended as she probably is only trying to be funny.

Don’t Make Fun of Her British Accent

Some people like the British accent and even consider it to be funny or posh. Even if you are one of these people, don’t try to mimic or make fun of her accent because she won’t be impressed nor find it a bit funny. And more importantly, don’t ask her why she’s doing a fake British accent. Why would a British girl do a fake accent when she already has one? It doesn’t make sense.

Don’t Think They Are up for Anything

There is a common misconception that all British girls are easy and will do anything. No-one knows where this idea came from and it is considered a bit offensive if a British lady finds out that’s what you think of them. So, don’t think any British girl will jump into bed with you or even kiss you the moment they see you. You have to earn it.

Use Online Dating Sites

Although some of us like to do things the old-fashioned way, online dating sites are still useful tools, especially when looking for love. Dating sites opens up many more opportunities as you can get matched and start a relationship with thousands of hot British singles looking for men wherever you are. However, as making a first impression is all done online, make sure you polish up your profile with a decent photo of yourself and an interesting personal description.

Dating any woman is not an easy task for any man, let alone dating one from another country and culture. Although a lady is a lady wherever in the world she is from, there are subtle differences which men must bear in mind in order to impress her, and British girls are no different.