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What You Should Know When Dating Thai Women

Thai women are among the most beautiful women in the world; beautiful on the inside and out, which is not surprising why so many western men want one as life-long partners. Coincidentally, a lot of Thai women cannot find true love in Thailand and look online for international romance via Thai dating site. However, how do you attract attention from a Thai woman you’re interested in? You may think picking up women is the same anywhere in the world, but you are wrong. In order not to make disastrous mistakes and throw away your chances of true love with your dream Thai lady, we have provided some tips and advice to help you.

Understand the Thai Dating Culture

Remember you are dating a Thai girl, not a western one. Every country has their own dating culture, and Thailand is no exception. In general, Thai women are very traditional and conservative with regards to dating, which means they take it very seriously. So, if you’re looking for a quick fling or one-night-stand, then you’re probably out of luck. It is important that you don’t offend and freak out Thai girls by using sexually suggestive comments or innuendo, or doing other things which may seem completely normal in the west, like touching their head or hair, touching them with your feet.

Make your Intentions Clear from the Start

No-one want to be misled in any situation, let alone when it comes to one of the most important parts of one’s life. So, you don’t hurt your Thai girl’s feelings, make sure you state your intentions from the start of your Thailand dating communication. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a serious relationship or a casual hook-up, tell her so she knows what she’s expecting. You never know, she may be looking for the same thing!

Learn more about Her and Her Culture

When chatting with your Thai match online, as well as talking about yourself, remember to ask her questions about herself and things she’s interested in. Pay attention to what she says and respond appropriately. This will show you’re interested in her and are actually listening. Try not to talk about sensitive topics, such as her past relationships and remember her English may not be so good, so be patient and don’t constantly correct her mistakes. The easiest way to connect with a Thai single is by asking her questions on Thai culture. Not only does this show you’re interested in her culture, but it also can help you survive when you’re in dating Thailand.

Respect Her

One of the most important part of any relationship is having respect for your partner. As mentioned earlier, Thailand girls for dating are conservative people, so when you’re communicating with her, don’t talk about inappropriate topics or she’ll think you’re an idiot. Be polite, courteous and considerate. Being a gentleman never gets old; women all over the world, including Thais, prefer to date gentlemen. So if at the end of a date you want to invite her to your place to “watch a movie” and she says “no”, respect her decision. The respect you should have toward her applies to her country and culture too; Thais are very proud of their country and take offensive comments seriously.

Have Self-Discipline

Thai girls can be shy and reserved at first so don’t be pushy when dating Thailand girls and make her do things she isn’t comfortable doing. For example, repeatedly trying to hold her hand or kiss her will make her feel uneasy, especially in public. Just because she acts this way doesn’t mean she’s not interested in you, but rather because Thai girls like to take relationships slowly. This also goes for meeting for the first time too. In western culture it is acceptable to hug each other or kiss each other on the cheek as a greeting, but don’t do this when you’re to meet Thai lady or she will be very confused. And when you part at the end of a date, don’t forget – no kissing in public as public affection is not considered normal.

Give Compliments

In western culture, giving compliments can sometimes make you appear needy but this is not the case with Thai women. One of the reason they choose to date western men is because they believe they are more romantic, so give her as many compliments as you want. However, it is important not to only compliment her looks but also her personality, as this will show you’ve not only looked at her photos on Thailand dating sites but also spent some effort reading her profile.

Plan Your Date

Thai women like to be cherished. If you plan your date with her well she will feel special. Going to bars or clubs on your first date will not impress her, will, on the contrary, make her feel cheap and show you made little effort to plan your date. Wherever you go, make sure she will feel comfortable going. For example, don’t take a casually-dressed girl to a high-class fine-dining restaurant. To avoid situations like these, you can always discuss it in advance so you don’t mess things up.

Be on Time and Pay for the Date

This goes without saying – don’t be late. You don’t want your Thai date to think you don’t care enough about her to show up on time. Apart from this, this is just basic manners. You can show up a little earlier but bear in mind that your Thai girl may be busy putting on her makeup and getting ready for your and her special date. Thai girls are quite sensitive about their appearance so be understanding if she arrives a little late. At the end of the date, be a gentleman and offer to pay. Some more successful and financially independent Thai women like to pay half or some of the bill, in which case let it be.

Have Fun and Plan the Next Date

If everything went well on your first date, don’t forget to plan a second one! As long as you keep all these tips in mind, I’m sure you’re find the Thai girl of your dreams in no time! To begin with, you should find reliable Thai lady dating sites first. Only the site receiving a very high user rating is the one you should choose to meet Thai ladies online.