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Dating Facts That Help You to Date Canadian Women

Their distinct personalities and looks combined with unique tastes in fashion, cosmetics and perfume make them some of the most incomparable women in the world – Canadians! Considering Canada is thought of one of the coldest countries in the world, who would have thought they would produce such hot beauties? Thanks to the cultural diversity of Canada, the chances of a man getting with a Canadian girl is pretty high. This said, you’re not going to just pick one up without making any effort; you still have to understand a thing or two about them. Let’s check out some of the facts about Canadian ladies and how to successfully date one.

You may already be a pro in dating, but not everything you know will be useful when dating a Canadian single. Although Canada is quite close to the US, they are in no way the same. Here are some common traits of Canadian women:

  1. 1) Canadian ladies are naturally beauty – they rarely wear makeup or perfume. This doesn’t mean you won’t find a hot gorgeous Canadian beauty because they are born beautiful. And don’t worry, Canadians don’t usually stink.
  2. 2) Canadians are casual, regardless of their class. In places such as the US or Europe, everyone is obsessed with their income and social status. Canadians, however, like to stay casual and don’t judge others by how much they make or what they wear. You won’t even be able to tell whether you’re in an upper-class or lower-class district. As for clothes, Canadian ladies prefer comfort over style, meaning they don’t bother with looking fashionable. You will see Canadian girls walking around in slippers, sports pants or some jacket, and dresses are only worn on special occasions, like weddings or important dates. And the funny thing is the other a woman gets, the more attention she pays towards her fashion.
  3. 3) Canadian women are more relaxed and down to earth. They know what they want as they are in touch with reality, which makes them easy to approach. And if they like you, they will tell you straight out. Canadian girls also have a great sense of humour and don’t easily get offended, but be prepared, as they may tell something you may find offensive.
  4. 4) Canadian women value personal space. This means your beautiful Canadian girlfriend won’t be constantly asking “Where are you going?”, “Who are you talking to?” or “Why aren’t you taking me with you?”, which can be quite annoying, They believe everyone should have their own time, so men are also expected to give them space. The good thing is Canadian girls are more okay with long-distance relationships, which is perfect for you foreign men looking for love across the globe.
  5. 5)Canadian girls hate staying indoors, so you won’t be complaining about your girlfriend wanting to stay at home all the time. They enjoy walking, playing sports and spending most of their time outdoors as they won’t be able to when winter comes. They are also passionate about travelling and exploring different cultures. As hockey is the number one sport in Canada, make sure you know a bit about it so you can have something to chat about online or on your dates. It will definitely impress her.

Now that you know a couple of traits about Canadian women, let’s talk about the dating culture to help you successfully date one:

  1. 1) Make the most of the dating season. In Canada, it is common for singles to date from October to May, so if you don’t want to lose out on your chance to get a gorgeous Canadian, make sure to start early looking online early and have your dating profile ready. Winter is time when most people are in need of cuddling, so there will be plenty to choose from.
  2. 2) Grow a nice beard as Canadian women are really attracted to bearded men, and make sure you have one when taking your profile photo. Also, if you’ve got a special date with your girlfriend-to-be, make sure your facial hair properly groomed and looking nice as this will make a good first impression.
  3. 3) Dress up appropriately when you meet up – If you are lucky enough and found a Canadian beauty online who will go out on a date with you, take advantage of this chance to impress her. Canadians love being outdoors and have a sense of dress so make sure you wear something appropriate for the weather and occasion.
  4. 4) Buy her a gift – Canadian girls like to be dated the traditional way, so if you want to win her heart, buy her a gift or some flowers. If you know what she likes, buy it for her, but if you don’t, anything meaningful will make her happy and feel important, securing yourself another date with her. If you’re still in the online dating process, there are lots of dating sites which offer gift and flower delivery services so make good use of it.
  5. 5) Canadians reject extremely politely. Rejection is always a painful experience, especially if it involves dating, and many girls can hurt your feelings even more, sometimes even deliberately, and then post your conversation online. In Canada, girls are so considerate and polite that you probably won’t even think it’s a big deal if you got rejected.

After reading all this, you’re probably now wanting to dive right in and start looking online for some gorgeous Canadian women to date, or packing your bags for a trip to Canada. If you’re still deciding on whether or not they are for you, just think of the most beautiful famous Canadian women in the world– Rachelle Lefevre (a Canadian actress), Marina Laswick (Canadian model) and Ellen Page (also a Canadian actress). Once you start to date a Canadian beauty, you will realize just how relaxing it is and won’t be able to go back, wonder why you didn’t start looking earlier.