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Get Top Secrets to Date Chinese Women

There is something about Chinese women that make them so irresistible to western men, which is why so many guys turn to China to look for love. Whatever it is that you have for beautiful Chinese ladies, be it their exotic beauty, gentleness or charm, dating them is very different from what you’re used to in the west. If you want to succeed in picking one up for a long and lasting relationship, make sure you are familiar with Chinese customs and their dating practices before you dive in.

High Expectations

In China, dating is a relatively new concept adopted from western culture. Before this, Chinese women didn’t go on dates or, if they did, married the first man they got into a relationship with. As a result, even though dating has become the norm for most Chinese singles nowadays, they take it much more seriously and have much higher expectations than western women. They only date those they believe have marriage-potential. So, if you’re looking for fling or one-night-stand, good luck. The kind of man that Chinese women want include:

  1. - One who is confident, caring and considers a woman's needs
  2. - One who can control his actions and has self-discipline
  3. - One who is responsible with his money and in his interactions with others

Make your Intentions Clear

As mentioned before, most Chinese women take dating very seriously and are most likely looking for someone for marriage. As they can be quite shy, they may not tell you how they feel in words, but, if she’s interested in you, she will show you through her actions. A Chinese lady may buy you things, make you good food or look after you if you’re sick. When she completely trusts you, then she may tell you how she feels. So, whatever you are looking for, tell her directly and make your intentions clear early on. If you’re seriously interested in her and like her, tell her so you don’t waste each other’s time. You never know, maybe she feels the same!

Take the Initiative and Be Confident

Chinese women can be quite submissive and conservative, as this is how they believe women should be. They also expect their partners to be bold and confident, taking the lead, so always have a plan for Chinese dating. As a man, you should be the one who initiates first contact, asks your Chinese love on a date, decides where and when to meet and what to do. This does not, however, mean you don’t have to respect her thoughts and feelings. It is also normal for men to pay for dates in China so don’t go Dutch or she’ll think you’re cheap.

Physical Contact

Chinese women dating don’t like to make physical contact with those they don’t know well, which means, unless you are her boyfriend at the very least, it is not recommended to touch, hug or kiss her, even on the cheek, not to mention suggest having casual sex. Physical affection will be more accepted as your progress in China dating process, and get to know her better.

Learn some Chinese

How do make yourself stand out from the crowd in Chinese girl dating? Learn some Chinese! Not only will this give her a surprise and set you apart from other foreigners (competition), it will also show your intelligence and interest in her culture. It doesn’t have to be a lot; just some basic phrases and sentences will suffice.

Learn about her Culture

Having knowledge of her culture can not only impress her and show your seriousness toward her but also keep you out of trouble. You should find out about things you should and shouldn’t do, and immerse yourself as much as you can. Be aware of cultural differences, manners, superstitions, etc. Try to develop a taste for Chinese cuisine.

Talk about your Education and Career

The Chinese place a huge importance on educational and career achievements. Educated people are much more respected than those without qualifications. To Chinese women, ambitious men who earn well with solid careers are much more attractive. Unlike in western culture, talking about your achievements or business is not a turn-off or boring, but just don’t boast or go overboard.

Meet the Family

If you’re lucky enough to find a Chinese match, have been in a stable relationship for some time and wish to take the relationship further, you can consider meeting her family. Marrying a Chinese girl requires approval from her family, so it’s best to make a good impression. Remember, her parents just want the best for their daughter. Don’t forget to bring a gift. But be careful, as gifts have symbolic meanings in China and buying the wrong gift can have disastrous consequences. The best thing to do is to ask your Chinese girl what her parents like. When meeting them, just be honest and respectful, and don’t forget to take off your shoes in the house.

Must-have Qualities in Chinese Women for Dating

If you are looking for a Chinese woman to marry, here are some qualities which she should have to make a good wife:

  1. - She takes care of her parents or grandparents – this means she has respect for her elders and is caring and considerate
  2. - She hasn’t had too many ex-boyfriends – having too many ex-partners means there must be a problem with that person
  3. - She cooks for you without asking – this means she will take care of the house and take good care of you

We can see there many points to take note of when dating Chinese women, but don’t let them put you off! Once you grasp all the cultural differences and customs of Chinese single dating, you will have no problem finding your perfect Chinese beauty. Chinese girls are among the best for serious relationships as they are cute, tender and caring, so they are definitely worth all the effort and trouble! If you’re ready and have made up your mind for a China cupid, then find a reliable Chinese dating site to begin with. Just keep passion and good expectation for your Chinese lady dating trip!