Here’s What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Dating Personality

If you are the type of person who obsessively checks daily horoscopes to know the day when you finally meet your soulmate, you have come to the right place. Even if you don’t believe in those daily horoscopes, but think that love compatibility between zodiac signs is a real thing, then you probably know that astrology can help you understand not only who you should be dating but also understand your own dating personality.

Knowing your relationship patterns can help you both avoid relationship pitfalls and improve as a person in a committed relationship. Today, we’re going to review how you date based on your zodiac sign and give you some practical tips on how you should approach dating to find love written in the stars.


Spontaneity is your first name, and experiments are your second name when it comes to dating. Although it’s fairly easy for you to fall in love, you tend to be a little hesitant when it comes to settling and committing.

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Your fear of settling into a routine, and your second thoughts about committing to a relationship may hurt your love life. Don’t be afraid to make things official when you find the right partner.


People seem to love dating you, and it’s no wonder why. After all, you’re not only very calm and caring but also appreciate stability. Often, however, a Taurus can become unhealthily dependable and sacrifice too much of himself or herself for the sake of the relationship.

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Altruism is a good thing, but only when it’s in moderation. Yes, people love dating you because you have an amazing personality but don’t sacrifice too much at the expense of your own best interests.


Geminis are very social and communicable. You have no problem flirting and keeping up a conversation. However, you can get a little too carried away and forget that you’ve been talking non-stop for the past 10 minutes.

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Sure, everyone wants to be a guru in flirting to attract people with the things that come out of their mouth. But don’t forget that every conversation is like a tennis game. It’s important to listen. The art of listening may be the most important skill to have in a healthy relationship.


Loving and nurturing is your second nature. Cancers might be the most loyal partners of all zodiac signs but their fear of rejection can negatively impact their love life. A Cancer’s constant desire for attention and the need to be pursued not always work in his or her favor.

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Sometimes, instead of just waiting for things to happen, you can make them happen. After all, they might never happen if you don’t take the initiative into your own hands.


You’re a natural leader, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. You want to be the center of attention and a constant source of admiration for their partner.

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Sure, having the primary role in a relationship can be both pleasant and tempting, but don’t turn it into a dictatorship. Being the center of attention is important, but never should you ever out-shadow your partner.


Being in a relationship with a Virgo is a blessing because Virgos don’t need much for true happiness in life. A Virgo is caring and thoughtful and needs reassurance that their partner is also happy. The main problem of Virgos is that they can be rather shy and nervous, especially early on in the dating game.

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When it comes to dating, try to have more fun. Don’t be afraid to reveal who you’re on first dates because your date will definitely love your personality!


Libras are often the most committed partners of all zodiac signs. Once they find the right person, they settle for long. However, this can cause problems when certain issues arise in a relationship. A Libra would rather ignore or avoid these issues to not discuss them.

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Communication is key in every healthy relationship. Don’t ignore problems that need to be discussed, or they will turn into a time bomb.


You have a lot of second thoughts and caution when it comes to getting into a relationship. But as you spend more time with another person, you develop more trust and become more open with your partner.

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Other people may not like your cautiousness and defensiveness and can mistake it for arrogance and lack of confidence. Don’t be afraid to put your guard down a little more often and approach dating with an an open mind.


Sagittarius are very adventurous and love spontaneity in relationships and in life in general, which is why settling into a routine with a partner may feel like a daunting task for a Sagittarius.

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Don’t be afraid to settle, but only when you find a partner who is just as adventurous and spontaneity-loving as you are. You won’t regret it!


Capricorns approach dating as shopping for their ideal smartphone. They are very goal-oriented and driven by success. Capricorns know exactly what they’re looking for in a relationship and tend to be quite picky when it comes to looking for the ideal partner.

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If someone doesn’t make a good first impression, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this person should be rejected straight away. Try to be less demanding and don’t be so strict about the dating process.


You are often perceived by other people as cold because you often mask your emotions and feelings. An Aquarius opens up as they build trust in a relationship and become their partner’s best friend.

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Don’t be afraid to show your emotions more often because smiling and having a positive attitude toward life can attract the right people!


Pisces are selfless individuals who are keen on helping other people. They are kind, calm, caring, and loving. However, that willingness to do anything to make their partner happy often causes problems.

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Although selflessness is a great quality to have, don’t forget about your own interests in a relationship. Don’t try to make someone else happy at the expense of your happiness.