Asking Someone Out with Confidence: Advice from Confidence Advisors

Have you ever liked a person or been attracted to someone so much that it takes you weeks to build up the nerve to ask them out? You might actually stand in the mirror rehearsing something to say, or type and retype practice messages only to get to the pivotal moment and feel like you completely choked?

The good news is you are not alone, and the even better news is you probably weren’t as bad as the replay you have going on in your head. The best news is that you had the courage to put yourself up there and try and you were already trying some techniques our experts can help you nail. We have researched with confidence advisors and have some tips to help boost your confidence for the next go round.

Confidence is Crucial

In a recent study including 100 women from all over the world, when asked which did they find more appealing in a partner, physical appearance or confidence? 100% of them answered confidence. When it comes to attracting women, it is clear that confidence is the most powerful asset men can possess.

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Confidence stems from its source of power which is the recognition of one’s own value. Knowing that you are wonderful regardless of other people’s thoughts gives you inner peace, strength, and power few people have and what others find so utterly attractive.

Confidence relaxes people around you, places value on yourself and others, and attracts positive attention. People who have confidence are easy to be around because they are comfortable with themselves and their attitude is frequently contagious, so others want to be around them.

Confidence Building Tips Practice Make Perfect

It is clear in today's dating world that developing a strong sense of confidence is what is found most appealing. Developing confidence can be done through continuous practice in talking to strangers. According to Susie Moore having the ability to casually start a conversation with a stranger at any point anywhere is an extreme advantage and shows enormous amounts of confidence.

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This is a fantastic way to get a mass amount of practice quickly if you have the right attitude too. You could literally decide to spend a day asking people "in-context" questions all day. For example, at the coffee shop, ask the person behind you what kind of coffee they think you should get? At the grocery store, ask someone in the produce section what their favorite type of apple is? etc.

By the end of the day, you may have met tons of fabulous strangers, and your confidence levels should be boosted to the point you can confidently ask out many strangers.

Planning is Perfect but…

You had the right idea in planning some prior to asking a girl out, but too much planning can cause more harm than good actually. Part of being confident is just being you in that specific moment, and acceptance of the real you and being authentic.

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You can and should give yourself daily reminders of self-worth daily pep talks to help maintain those high levels of confidence.

Where good planning should come into play is in 1) planning the perfect first date, 2) planning the perfect complement, 3) planning some conversation topics.

Body Language and Tone

A lot of the time confidence isn’t about what you say, it’s more about how you say it. Confidence spans from a person’s body language and their vocal tones and inflections. How a person carries themselves and how they speak reflects what they truly think about themselves on a psychological level. This is important to think about when interacting with others.

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Dr. Aziz Gazipura suggests that when asking a person out on a date, it is important to be direct, clear, warm and assertive. Additionally, you should look them directly in the eye and focus all your attention on them. This, is one area that if you feel you need some practice, would be a good area to practice, as long as what you are saying is not rehearsed, merely how you are saying it.

With the advice and tips from the experts, you have all the necessary tools to boost your confidence levels which can help you in all areas of your life and definitely give you the skills to master asking women on dates.