The 'Old-School' Dating Etiquette We Should Bring Back

A lot of Generation X and Millennial may take one look at this title and are already posed for a fight. However, before you get your neck hairs up with defensive arguments about feminism and the progress that the dating scene has made over the past few decades, please give me a moment to elaborate on a few specific instances that if a few of your grandfather’s dating techniques were in play, he would prove he still has game even in this century.

Chivalry is Never Dead

Granted, we live in the age of technology, but when you are out with a woman, set feminism aside and bring the chivalry and manners game to the table. This means that you are on a date with her, not all your friends, put your phone and tablets away. Having them our or being on them sends the message that she is less important and not worth the time of the date.

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Remember the scenes from the old movies when the gentleman held the car doors and building doors open for his date, and when he pulled the chair from the dinner table for his date to sit down. These little chivalrous acts from decades ago will win you big points with today’s modern woman who’s used to men chugging beer from a wine glass.

Let’s take a look at three online dating sites we think are worth considering:

Call, Don’t Text

I realize that the overwhelming realization that you might be rejected verbally is a possibility, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. This is your moment to impress the woman you like with your self-confidence and shows that you want to connect on a more personal level than a text allows.

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However, modern standards suggest that you text first and seek acceptance in calling and speaking with her to show her that you value her schedule.

Once you have her on the phone, revert back to rule one about chivalry. Focus the conversation about her. Make her feel important. If possible, try to make her laugh. Studies show that women find humor and intelligence the most appealing characteristics in would-be dates.

Play Hard to Get

Again, I know this sounds like an absurd idea, but there really is something to be said for letting the passion rise. I guarantee if the attraction is there and mutually magnetic, wait it out. Usually women like to play hard to get. It can for gentlemen as well if you play it right. Pretending to be indifferent or ghosting your date for a week is not the right way. It’s rude and more likely ruins the whole thing. Gentlemen leave some mystery(yes, men need it too) after first date. Don’t call her too soon or too often. First it is a bit creepy, second it simply tells away how boring your life is. Go get a life, pick up some hobbies, keep up your routine. When you ask her out, charm her.

Dress Up for Your Date

Classic ZZ Top had it right, and it still holds true today, "Every girl crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man". Even though it may not be your style or fit your mood, I can promise you nobody in the world is ever going to complain when you show up for your date dressed to impress. When you look good, you are making the statement that you want to look your best for her. If you dress in a ghetto fabulous you are sending the message that this is the best you think of your date.

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The phrase actions speak louder than words is why the “old-school”dating etiquette is still valuable today. Back in the day, people weren’t so verbally forthright, slight hints, body language, little innuendos spoke volumes, which is why relationships meant more and lasted longer. It stands to reason then, if you are seeking a more meaningful, long-lasting relationship, you might bring back the “outdated”dating etiquette back to your modern dating life.