Women Offer Men Some Real Dating Tips

Have you ever left a date shaking your head, completely perplexed and confused and found yourself asking, “What is it that women want?” or “What the heck went wrong back there?” Do you find yourself more frequently bewildered by the actions and reactions of the anomaly that is the modern woman?

You are not alone, the dating world of the 21st century has been overrun by over synthesized computer software programs whose algorithms now determine your compatibility with over 3.5 billion people across the globe and you have a matter of seconds to determine if you want to swipe left or right to show interest in a possible mate.

Advice by Women for Dating Women

Sounds all too confusing right? Well, we're going to wipe away all the gritty hardware and share with you some real dating tips coming directly to you by women for dating women because believe it or not we're fed up too and we want to help you, gentlemen, out.

1.Unplug Already!

The biggest complaint and number one turnoff for women is to be out on a date and to have her companion constantly occupied with his cellphone or Bluetooth. It’s great that you are super successful in your career, but if you want to be successful with the women, unplug, and put the electronics away. Having them out and attracting attention is taking attention away from your date, the one and only thing you should be focused on during this time. This is being disrespectful, and if the roles were reversed you wouldn’t tolerate it for very long. Show your date how much you appreciate her by giving her your undivided attention.

2.Make the Best Lasting Impressions

The first date should set the tone for all following dates. Dress nicely, show manners and chivalry and continue this pattern of behavior through the evening. At the end of the evening be courteous and polite. Being a true gentleman is always the rule and will leave your lady admiring more. If you can leave her with these lasting outstanding impressions, she will always desire the next date, and she will always treat you with courtesy and respect in return.

3. Keep the Conversation Fun, Add Humor

Women enjoy light-hearted, fun, even playful conversations. We are mental creatures, so you must appeal to our cerebral senses. The best way to do this in the beginning stages of dating is to make us laugh and smile. A woman always remembers the man who put a smile on her face especially if in recollection her face beams again. So, a goal for the evening is to get your date to award you with her warmest smile. With that, you know you have a success.

4. Plan a Unique but Comfortable Date

Everybody plans on a dinner, show your wind, crazy, creative or intellectual side by planning a date completely unusual that you know she will like but is still comfortable. Go web- hunting; there are literally over a hundred of zany and fun first date ideas to choose from that will surprise and impress your date by letting her know you thought her worthy of something different and as unique as she.

5. Forget the 3 Day Follow-up Rule

Whoever came up with how many days you have to wait to call a girl, or how many dates you have to go on before being intimate, or how many days you have to wait to even ask for a date needs to be taken to the deepest part of a lake. They have done the dating world a great disservice and confused many people with these “rules”.

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If you had a pleasant time with your date, there is nothing wrong with calling her afterward, letting her know that you enjoyed yourself and asking her out for another night in the week. Furthermore, if you don't see yourself dating this person again, have the courage and honesty to tell her at the end of the night, “Thank you, I had a nice time.” Do not, however, tell her you will call her and then fail to do so. This could explain one of the reasons women have a poor view of you.

In the long-run women aren't all that different from men when it comes to how they expect to be treated on a date and afterward. The next time you plan for a date, first think about how you might react if someone you found interesting behaved towards you the way you were outwardly behaving? Would you adjust your behavior? If so, then our five little tips may be just what you need on your dating adventures.