10 Types of Men You Should NOT Date If You’re Looking for True Love

What if you had the superpower to “read” men so you could weed out the bad types while choosing the right ones? Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid heartbreak and not waste your time on men who are not worth even a week of your life?

“Come down to earth, there are no superpowers,” you may be thinking. Well, I wouldn’t be so quick. Knowledge is the biggest superpower in the 21st century, and today, we are going to review the 10 types of men you should not date if you’re looking for true love (based on hundreds of women’s personal experiences with these types).

Treat it like your cheat sheet for dating – if there are signs that you are dating any of the following 10 types of men you shouldn’t be dating, run away as soon as possible.

The Quick Lover

  • Rushes into a relationship very quickly;

  • Professes his love to you early;

  • Showers you with compliments;

  • Spoils you with amazing treatment just to hear the words “I love you” back;

  • But once the charm goes off, he becomes an entirely different person (often, men of this type are controlling and manipulative).

The Pathological Liar

  • Lies about his past;

  • Lies about his job, education, and salary;

  • Lies about random and seemingly unimportant stuff;

  • Makes up stories;

  • Generally, lies with no purpose and doesn’t feel bad about lying at all.

The Jealous Type

  • Gets jealous whenever he sees you talking to other men;

  • Gets jealous whenever he sees other men looking at you;

  • Gets suspicious whenever you come home late or not respond to his texts;

  • Is trying to control your every action;

  • Checks up on you unhealthily too frequently;

  • The trust issues become the rotting core of your relationship.

The Cheater

  • Is secretive about the activities that don’t involve you;

  • Never leaves his phone unsupervised around you, even when going to the bathroom;

  • Acts weird whenever you approach him texting on his phone;

The Last-Minute Guy

  • Puts off everything until the last minute;

  • Never makes plans in advance;

  • Fails to keep his promises;

  • Is generally irresponsible and not serious.

The Uncommitted Guy

  • Avoids commitment at all cost;

  • Is reluctant to take the relationship to a new level;

  • Doesn’t know what he wants from a relationship;

  • Is emotionally immature.

The Mr. Charming

  • Knows how to mess with your head with his charm;

  • Can be manipulative and always gets what he wants;

  • Seems like he’s perfect in all aspects;

  • Seems too perfect to be true;

  • But he’s probably hiding something and will “charm” other girls even when dating you.

The Misogynist

  • Doesn’t treat women fairly;

  • Doesn’t have respect for women;

  • Humiliates women;

  • Treats women as an object and nothing more;

The Aggressive Guy

  • Has anger issues;

  • Cannot control his violence;

  • Even though it may seem as if he’ll never hurt you, there’s no guarantee that the violence will not be used against you.

The “What Are We?” Guy

  • Never identifies your status as a couple;

  • Shows signs that he likes you, but you are never quite sure whether you’re an item or not;

  • Doesn’t introduce you to his family and friends;

  • Is never straightforward when it comes to dating.

These are the types of men you shouldn’t date to save time and avoid preventable heartbreak. If you recognize any of the signs mentioned above when dating a man, consider ending this “relationship” before it is too late.