10 Women’s Behaviors That Are Actually Turnoffs for Men

Do men ignore your texts and phone calls after the first date or lose interest in your after talking to you for a few minutes? It might be because you are driving men away without realizing that you turn them off.

We have compiled a list of the biggest turn-offs for men so you can avoid them and make men want to desire and chase you.

  1. Being too shy. Yes, the vast majority of women are shy and nervous on first dates more or less, but if you only give “yes” and “no” answers to the man’s question during the first date, don’t be surprised if he loses interest in the uneventful and monologue-like conversation. Being shy is sweet, but only in moderation.

  2. Having bad manners and social etiquette. Every guy fantasizes about dating a lady with good manners and social etiquette. There’s no bigger turn-off for a man than a girl who’s being too loud, rude to a waiter, or talking with your mouth full. These are just a few examples to give you an idea.

  3. Being too self-absorbed. Sure, being a successful and independent woman is awesome, but don’t cross the red line where you sound too narcissistic and self-absorbed. Don’t boast about your achievements or talk about them non-stop. Instead, just mention them when appropriate like they’re no big deal and move on.

  4. Getting distracted during a date. Going on a date with a girl who seems to be having a better time on her phone than talking to a guy is a huge turn-off. So make sure you put away your phone during a date.

  5. Being controlling. It’s every guy’s nightmare to be dating a controlling girl who tells him what to do, so, unless you’re in a relationship, telling a guy during a date that he shouldn’t do this, but should do that is probably not appropriate.

  6. Being too harsh. Guys want to date girls who are sweet and kind, including to strangers. So make sure you’re sweet and tolerant when talking to a waiter on the first date.

  7. Gossiping. In every guy’s head, when he hears a woman gossip, it means to him that the girl isn’t the most reliable source of information, she cannot keep a secret, and she’ll probably gossip about him behind his back when he’s not around.

  8. Complaining. If you’re talking to a guy, keep complaining to a very minimum or don’t complain at all. Although it’s sometimes pleasant to have a man willing to offer his helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, don’t overdo it. And never should you ever complain about your ex1222 on first dates.

  9. Getting too serious too soon. Just because you went on a second or third date doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re an item now. Don’t act like you’re in a relationship unless the two of you have unambiguously agreed on your status.

  10. Putting yourself down. Criticizing yourself isn’t attractive … like at all. Sure, many women who do that when dating are just fishing for compliments and reassurance. If she says that she looks bad, she’s probably fishing for a flattering comment from a man to tell her that she looks stunning. But if you overdo it, this “self-criticism trick” becomes annoying after a while.

If you want to attract men instead of driving them away, make sure you avoid the above-mentioned turn-offs for men. Then you are good to go.