8 Surefire Signs a Guy is into You

Having a hard time finding out if a guy is interested in you? Obviously, it's not good to assume and hope you can have a future together. On the other hand, if you truly want to know if a man is into you, here is a rundown of the clear-cut signs he actually likes you.

His Body Language

When finding out if a guy likes you, it is important to look at a few nonverbal hints – one of which is his body language. More often than not, when a man is around a woman he likes, he shows some overstated hand and body movements, which often indicates agitation or shyness. On the other hand, some guys like to display confidence and toughness by striking a composed posture with the hope that it will catch your interest.

Prolonged Eye Contact

Another clear sign that a guy is into you is that he constantly takes any chance to be closer to you. Whenever you are having a conversation, he will bring himself closer and make eye contact to show you have all his attention. Moreover, it is clearly evident that prolonged eye contact between two people indicates affection for one another.

He Tells You About Some Stuff He Likes

When a guy tells you about his favorite things, it is another simple but definite cue he is attracted to you. He may talk to you about his favorite music, movie, or food as a way of telling you more about himself and to see if you have mutual interests.

He Avoids Distraction When You're Together

A guy who is truly interested in you will try to avoid distractions at all cost when you are together. His effort in giving his full attention to you is a great indicator of showing he is highly attracted to you.

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The phone is undeniably one of the biggest distractions that can take a toll on a good conversation. Thus, he will put it down and not give it a glance as much as he can.

He Gives You Compliments

Unspoken actions and body language are not the only meaningful hints a guy likes you. He will take opportunities to give you compliments as another way to tell he adores you without actually saying it.

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A guy may compliment you about your looks and physical attributes, which is a clear-cut indication of his affection. Having said that, a guy can also compliment you on a sentimental level. For instance, when he praises you for your kindness towards your friends or family, this clearly shows he appreciates and admires you from the inside.

He Asks Personal Questions

If you notice that a guy asks you some personal questions about your family or your likes and dislikes, for example, then this is another definite sign he is into you. By asking you a couple of personal questions, he is hoping to get to know you more and create a strong bond between you two. Moreover, once you noticed he is getting more up close and personal, he clearly wants to be more than just friends with you.

He Doesn't Mind Running Errands with You

When a guy likes you, he will try to take every opportunity to spend time with you. Regardless of whether you plan on seeing a movie or shop for groceries together, either way is fine as long as he can accompany you. Additionally, if a guy likes you, he wouldn't mind giving you favors – bringing you food or coffee or giving you a ride, for example.

He Introduces You to Family and Friends

When a guy introduces you to his friends and family, it is another strong sign he really likes you. Introducing you to the important people in his life can also indicate that he hopes to have a future with you. Given that his friends and family are a significant part of his life, you must have something special in you that's worth letting his loved ones discover.


Discovering a guy likes you can bring a handful of overwhelming feelings; you may either feel flattered or awkward. Either way, it's always great to know someone is attracted to you and what better way to know it than to refer to the hints mentioned above.