12 Truths of What It’s Really Like to Be Dating Someone from Another Country

The popularity of international online dating sites is booming. An increasing number of men and women all around the world are keen to date someone from a different country. Yes, having a long-distance relationship with someone who happens to be thousands of miles away from you can be exciting and fresh, but, needless to say, it’s not for everyone.

Are you really prepared to have a long-distance relationship with a man or woman from another country? Let’s find out what it’s really like to be in this kind of relationship.

  1. Stereotypes will be inevitably present in your relationship, whether you want it or not. You probably have at least a couple of stereotypical beliefs about the country where your partner is from, but you might want to ditch these stereotypes rather sooner than later because they can hurt your relationship.

  2. 2.How you and your partner from another country communicate is going to be different, and that’s not something to worry about. It’s absolutely normal for two people with diametrically different cultural backgrounds to respond differently. For example, if your partner never uses emojis, it doesn’t necessarily make them weird or boring.

  3. Be prepared to travel to each other’s home countries. It’s an inevitable part of every international relationship because both you and your partner will want to visit relatives, parents, friends, and some memorable places from your childhood.

  4. Don’t treat your partner like a fetish, or at least don’t be vocal about it. In other words, if you’ve always dreamed to date someone from your partner’s country, it’s probably not a good idea to let them know about it because your partner might feel less special or even used.

  5. Never compare your partner to the men or women from your home country and avoid saying something along the lines of, “Our women are much more open-minded in that regard, you should definitely learn from them!”

  6. Never compare your partner to other people from their country and don’t say something along the lines of, “I knew you’d say that because you’re from [insert their country].”

  7. Be prepared to learn more about your partner’s country, culture, traditions, history, and language. You don’t necessarily need to become an expert in those areas, but the very least you can do is not to be ignorant because it might look disrespectful and insulting.

  8. You might have to put more effort into your conversations with a partner from a different country than you would have to if you were speaking with someone from your country, especially if you are communicating in a language that isn’t your or your partner’s mother tongue.

  9. Be prepared to broaden your vocabulary and use the words from your partner’s native language when they are appropriate to show your appreciating for your partner’s efforts to teach you their language.

  10. You might not always get jokes because your sense of humor and theirs might be different.

  11. Acknowledge that you and your partner from a different country might have different views on religion, politics, culture, and history. These subjects are rather tricky and sensitive in an international relationship, which is why you should always be careful, polite, and tolerant when discussing them.

  12. Never forget that you and your partner are just two people who happened to fall in love with each other despite the distance between you. Any differences that you may have are not important when you have real feelings for each other.

As you can see, dating someone from a different country isn’t nearly as complicated as you thought it would be.