Asian Dating Culture: What is it Like Dating in Asia and How is it Different from Western Dating?

A large number of Westerners are interested in finding a romantic connection with Asians for various reasons. However, a Westerner with his or her own set of dating rules might feel like a weirdo and “out of place” when exploring the Asian dating culture.

That’s why we have put together the basic principles of the dating culture in Asia to even the playing field for Westerners looking for love in Asian countries.

Basic Dating Rules

You may have heard that group dates are a common thing among young people in Asia, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Asian girls and boys don’t see each other in one-on-one dates.

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In Western countries, a man is still expected to make the first move, while it is not that weird for Asian women to ask out on a date a man she’s interested in. More often than not, Asian men foot the bill on dates, but men in some Asian countries often expect women to pay their share on a date.

‘Friend-Zone’ and ‘Ghosting’ in Asian Dating

The phenomena of “friend-zone,” which is quite widespread in Western dating and occurs when one individual treats another solely as a friend and nothing more, doesn’t exist in Asia.

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In Asia, neither women nor men want to waste time when it comes to dating, which is why people would rather choose to not see each other again than “friend-zone,” “ghost,” or play mind games if there is no potential for exclusive dating.

Unlike people in the West, men and women in Asia are quite straightforward about their intentions when it comes to dating. If he or she isn’t interested, he or she will not hesitate to say it.

Serious Approach to Dating

Unlike Westerners, who view dating as their way of meeting new people and some even view it as a way of making friends, people in Asian countries adopt a serious approach to dating.

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In most Asian countries, dating is a phase before tying the knot. Wealth gives Asian men an upper-hand when dating because the latter find it important for their potential long-term partner to be able to provide financially for their future families.

Confessions in Asian Dating

You may have seen movies, TV shows, or even anime where characters make romantic confessions to each other. These confessions have their place in real-life Asian dating, too. It is common for both Asian men and women to ask someone to start dating exclusively.

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In Western countries, on the other hand, there is a lot of guesswork involved, and many men and women are not sure what’s the status of their relationship. “Are we an item now? Are we just friends? Is this serious or casual dating?” there are a lot of questions involved in Western dating culture. When Asian women and men confess, on the other hand, they are confessing their romantic intentions and let the other person know that they want to date exclusively.

Parental Approval in Asian Dating

You may have also heard about the strict parental involvement in Asian dating. For the most part, it’s true what they say. In general, Asian parents tend to be involved in their children’s relationships, which is why many Asian countries still have matchmaking traditions where parents arrange based on social status and union between families.

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Not getting an Asian parent’s approval will cause obstacles and challenges in the relationship, which is why making a good impression with the parents is vital.