Dating Culture Differences All Over the World

Dating someone from another country or continent can be a challenging experience, mainly because there are many dating culture differences you aren’t aware of. However, once you acknowledge these differences and educate yourself on the matter, having a long-distance relationship with someone from a different country becomes a pleasant and exciting experience.

The dating culture differences that exist all around the world aren’t something to be ashamed of, nor should you ignore them. The beauty of these dating culture differences is that people from different countries still manage to fall in love with one another despite all those differences.

Yes, you might encounter some difficulties when dating someone who was raised in different dating culture, but these differences shouldn’t be an obstacle for two people who are deeply in love with one another.

North America (the United States and Canada)

Dating as we know it derives from Western culture. Both in the United States and Canada, it is an acceptable dating practice to test out a potential partner before changing your status from “casually dating” to “in a committed relationship.”

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In North America, dating begins as young as in the early teens. Teenagers begin dating in groups of friends. When they grow older and become young adults, there are two common ways to meet a potential partner: at a bar, clubs or other establishment or through a dating app.

In a bar setting, a potential relationship usually begins with a man approaching a woman and offering to buy her a drink. In a casual setting, a man approaches a woman on the streets, and they exchange numbers if she likes him. More often than not, daters in the West choose to go to a restaurant, bar, or cinema for their first date. The man usually gets the bill, though this tradition is changing with the growing feminist sentiments in the U.S.

Latin America

The dating cultures in Latin America and North America are somewhat similar, though there are some differences between them. In Latin America, dating begins in late teen years in a group setting. A couple gets to hang out together when their group of friends goes out together.

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Casual dating and dating multiple people at a time is not as prevalent as in North America. Also, daters in Latin America tend to take their relationships more seriously than daters in the United States and Canada.

As a rule of thumb, the more attractive the woman in Latin America, the more dominant a man has to be to be able to date her. Dancing is a vital element of dating in Latin America.


Although the dating cultures in Europe vary from one country to another on that continent, most countries, especially Western European countries, are similar to North America in terms of their approach to dating.

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More often than not, teenagers begin dating in a group setting. Young adults and adults prefer dating one-on-one and usually go to a nightclub, bar, or restaurant to drink and dance. Although drinking is a major element of dating in Europe, you don’t necessarily have to drink alcohol in order to date there.

Other dating practices differ from country to country, though the description of the European dating culture is very similar to the dating culture in the United States and Canada.


In most Asian countries, there are strict rules when it comes to dating. In fact, dating as a teenager in Asia is sort of a taboo, as most youngsters don’t start dating until their late teen years or early 20s.

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Although these matchmaking traditions exist in most Asian countries, young adults usually are allowed to date other people chosen by themselves. The choice of the “right” partner for their children is usually made based on the potential partner’s social status and the union between families. However, in many Asian countries like China, dating in the modern society is becoming more similar to the western countries. People has more freedom in dating. Online dating is very popular as well.

Middle East

The dating culture in Middle East countries is rooted in religion and local traditions, while some even prohibit people to date. Like it is in Asia, there are matchmaking traditions in the Middle East, as most people are arranged to settle down. Interestingly, young couples are not allowed to meet before ceremony and only get a chance to see one another during one supervised date shortly before the ceremony. In some countries, polygamy is legal.


Dating traditions vary greatly from country to country across Africa. As a rule of thumb, countries where Islam is the main religion have stricter rules for dating. In Islam-majority countries in Africa, dating is usually arranged by the parents. In some African countries, polygamy is legal.