How to Keep Dating Game Going During a Pandemic

COVID-19 took the world by storm. This pandemic changed almost everything in people’s lives all over the world. New ways of living have to be implemented, and some of those are isolation and social distancing. It affected many aspects in people’s lives, including their dating life. This begs the question, “How can dating continue to work during a pandemic?”

To help you with that, here are some tips and guidelines to keep your dating life working during this difficult time:

1. Communicate

During the pandemic, social distancing is imposed. That is why now, more than ever, is the time to communicate more. Dating from a distance really is a challenge, but good communication helps.

You also have to keep in mind that good communication also requires good comprehension. You have to exert extra effort in really comprehending what your partner means. Words can easily be lost in translation; unfortunately, that can start an avoidable problem that nobody wants, especially in a relationship during a pandemic.

2. Respect

In all cases, respect is imperative. It is no different in dating during a pandemic; if anything, it has to be more. Something has to fill the void distance makes, and one of those things is impeccable respect to your partner.

3. Be More Mature than Ever

Problems in dating are normal. However, there are some quarrels that are unnecessary. Unfortunately, when you are dating while following social distancing protocols during a pandemic, a lot of misunderstandings can arise. This may be caused by distance, and it’s important that couples understand that. Whenever you feel the urge to be in a fight, think about it hard.

Is the fight really necessary? Or is it just because of the pressure of the current situation?

4. Have Activities Together and Separately

One good way to maintain a good relationship even if you’re apart is to have activities together, which will be expounded later. However, it is equally important to do activities separately. Just because you are dating in a unique situation doesn’t mean that you have to always do things together.

That is actually not healthy and may even lead to more problems than necessary. Have your “me time”. This will create diversity in your daily life in quarantine which you can talk about when you communicate.

5. Give Time

Give your partner the time of the day. While it’s important to be busy with your own life, you don’t want to neglect your partner, especially with the distance already present in your dating life. Make them feel that they are worth the time of the day; it will help ease the difficulty of being apart.

Dating Activities You Want to Try

As mentioned earlier, doing activities together is a good way to keep your dating life working despite the presence of a pandemic. Below are some of the activities you and your partner can do together from a distance yet still enjoy.

1. Watch A Movie Together

There are tons of applications/software that you can use to watch movies together despite the distance. This is like going to the cinema, only that you do it in the comforts of your respective homes. Even better, set a movie date night.

2. Read the Same Book

It’s like a book club, only it’s just the two of you. Tons of books are available online. You can choose one and read it on your own time. It’s a great and informative way to pass the time while keeping your distance from people during a pandemic and be a topic of your conversation at the same time.

3. Video Chat

Make use of technology by video chatting. You can set a schedule for your video chat or do it whenever both of you are free. The whole point is that you still get to see each other even if neither of you can leave the house.

4. Cook

If you are both good at cooking, excellent! If not, then this is your chance to practice. You can cook the same thing at the same time or only one of you can do it while the other keeps him or her company.

5. Have a Dinner date

What are you going to do with the food that you cooked? Have it for your dinner date! Just because you are dating remotely doesn’t mean you can’t have dinner dates. With some cooking skills and technology, you can have your romantic night with your loved one.

6. Do a Project Together

It can be a puzzle of 1,000 pieces, a PowerPoint presentation, or a new song. It doesn’t really matter what the project is. The point is you do it together. Think of the two of you as a team, and improve your skills by creating different masterpieces while on quarantine.

7. Tour Virtual Zoos, Aquariums, and Museums

Thanks to technology, touring virtual zoos, aquariums, and museums is possible. You won’t need to leave the safety of your home to explore different things with your partner.

8. Learn New Things

Develop yourselves together during a pandemic. Use the additional time given to you to study more about things you have always wanted to learn. It can be a new language or any other new skill.

9. Play Games

Why not play online games together? It will keep your focus off the current problem and challenges, and allow you to enjoy the free time at the same time with your partner.

10. Exercise

Remember when you always said that you just didn’t have the time to work out? Well, now you do. Set a schedule to do some exercises with your partner, and stay fit together!

Final Words

A pandemic is one of the worst things that can happen to the world. However, that does not mean that everything else in one’s life has to be affected negatively. Stay home, be safe, and enjoy your dating life.