What Matters Most When Loving a Latino

Dating someone from Latino countries may arguably be the best romance in your life. It will surely be a new and colorful experience as they are known to be passionate people with a very vibrant culture. There is yet a lot to discover and experience with your Latino partner especially if your relationship works out. So, it’s important to know the things that matter when dating a Hispanic.

Two aspects that matter most are their character and culture. It is vital that you spend time in understanding their individual character as well as their culture and traditions especially if you come from a different cultural background.

Let’s talk about how these aspects come into play when loving a Latino.


  1. They are kind, playful, and likable. Latinos are very social people. They have a lot of friends, and they prefer to go to places bustling with people. Expect, then, that your partner will show you off in social media or introduce you to all his or her friends in person. They are super friendly and playful, which may sometimes be mistaken with flirting. They are also very kind and warm. Being naturally warm, they also expect the same level of gentleness from you, so it’s important not to easily resort to aggression.

  2. They got your back. They are supportive, and you can count on them in times of need. They are known for their fierce loyalty with a whole new level of dedication to being with you through trying times. You can also expect them to be frank and honest. They will tell you the truth even if it hurts because they care for you, and they want what’s best for you. Honesty matters to them, and they expect you to show them candor as well.

  3. They are passionate. Hispanics’ best asset is their passion. It’s something they value. They are passionate about the people that they care for. So, when they fall in love, they will surely give their best for that person. Their passion also extends to their interests, ambitions and, life. You may find them working so hard and giving priority to their jobs or careers. But don’t worry because with enough understanding from you, they will soon learn to balance these aspects of their lives.

Other things they are also passionate about are their culture, beliefs, and values, which is why it is important that you give time learning these facets of their lives.


  1. Family. If you are dating a Latino, there are high chances that you will be introduced to his or her family even within the first month of your relationship. This just means that he or she is serious about you and that you are important.

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    Hispanic families are close-knit, so when you are introduced, you get introduced to the whole bunch of them. This includes aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Expect to see them often because they will be around a lot, and you’d get to be invited to every occasion.

    When you get along with their family, you will be treated as part of their family too and will be showered with love and support.

  2. Religion. Among Hispanics, religious life is highly important and even, sometimes, become their top priority. You will find yourself participating in rosaries and in celebrations such as Holy Week, Christmas, etc. Also, superstitions are a big deal for them.

  3. Language. Do not make assumptions on your partner’s language or his or her preference on what to use. However, note that most Latinos can speak English although they mostly speak Spanish in their homes. So, if you want to be able to communicate with his or her family, it helps that you practice your Spanish.

Dating a Latino means accepting his or her individual character and culture. The things listed above can help you understand your partner. However, it is also important to note that Hispanic people are unique, and the best way yet to understand the things that matter to them is to get to know them deeply and accept them whole-heartedly.