7 Types of People You Will Meet in Online Dating

Meeting people is one of the most interesting things there are. No one is exactly the same; therefore, you can expect to be surprised by people’s different personalities. It can be a good surprise, or it can be a bad one. Whichever it is, it is still mostly fun.

With today’s technology, meeting people is made easier. Dating has also become possible despite people’s busy lives. There are so many apps and sites that make online dating possible, and if you have been in one of them, you might have already come across some of the personalities that we will discuss below. If you’re new to the game, then you might want to expect to meet these type of folks online:

1. The Emo

Emos are often easily spotted. Their photos say a lot about what kind of conversation you’ll be getting with them – grayscale photos with half of their faces covered or none at all. It might feel heavy to talk to emos as they usually talk about depressing things.

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But, hey! Maybe they really just need someone to talk to, and it couldn’t hurt to spare a few minutes to actually listen to what they have to say. You might even help them in the process in case they’re actually going through something.

2. The Active One

This one seems to have everything going for them. They have such an active lifestyle that it will make you want to be part of it. They will have photos of their ever fun and interesting activities. If you come across this type of person, hopefully, you’ll get the influence and make your own life more active too.

3. The Humorous One

These people are all about humor. Some try to be funny, but others are just naturally good at it. They can say something with a straight face yet still be funny. You will enjoy their company because everything will feel lighter.

4. The Serious One

Though there are a lot of funny people in the world, there’s the more serious bunch as well. And if you come across them, they might amuse you in their own special way. If you’re into this type of person, you can most likely get charmed by their serious charisma, but it really depends on your overall compatibility. Even a loud personality can really mesh well with a silent one, so just have fun all the way.

5. The Stable and Sensible One

It is not impossible to meet stable and sensible people online. Despite online dating’s reputation, there are a lot of people who are completely normal and nice. These are the ones who can hold great discussions, and you can even talk to them as friends in spite of lacking that romantic spark between you.

6. The Right One

Despite the wrong ones and the okay ones that you will meet online, meeting the right one is still very possible. This person will be someone whom you can be totally comfortable with. It will be as natural as it can be. When you meet this person online, you might not want to talk with anyone else, as he/she will hold all of your interest and attention.


It can be scary to go online dating, but it also has some seriously good side you’d want to get into. Don’t be discouraged to take a leap of faith and start a conversation with people online. Of course, you still have to be careful about meeting them or giving out your personal information. Other than that, just have fun and be yourself. If you do this, the right one will just be around the corner.