9 Tips for Writing a Striking and Memorable Dating Profile

Online dating has its advantages and disadvantages. One factor that affects your success in the online dating world is your dating profile. The disadvantage here is that people will initially judge you based on it. Think of it as a resume, and people in the online world are screening you with it as the initial basis. Thus, you really have to make sure that your dating profile is interesting enough to catch the right attention.


Smiles are a little underrated, but in truth, a genuine smile exudes a good feeling and makes them take that one step towards you. Therefore, your photo should be smiling in the most natural way possible. You can add more photos to show your different sides, but your profile photo should sport that genuine smile of yours.

2.Post Clear Photos

While we’re on the subject of photos, make sure that the ones you post, especially the one you choose as your profile picture, are clear. People looking through profiles get a glimpse of you through your photos, which means that blurry photos really won’t help. Yes, it’s not all about appearance, and it shouldn’t be, but first impressions do matter, and unclear photos make you seem like you’re not putting your best foot forward.

3.Write Something Unique About You

Tell them your talents, your special skills, unique hobbies, or anything that can spark interest. Every person is different, so there is definitely something unique about you that you can put in your profile. Don’t be shy to put it out there. Any talent or special skill of yours should be something to be proud of. Just try to be subtle and interesting without sounding somewhat arrogant.

4.Crack Some Jokes

Everyone loves a bit of humor. Crack some jokes in your dating profile. It doesn’t have to be an award-winning joke; a simple one that would make the reader smile will do. Be careful not to put green jokes or complicated ones. You want the reader to relate to it and actually like it.

5.Be Respectful

Keep in mind that anything that you put in your profile represents you. This is why vulgar and disrespectful stuff should not be posted there. You can, if you want, but you run the risk of attracting the wrong kind of attention, and if you’re looking to get a serious relationship out of it, being disrespectful might throw that option out the window.

6.State The Things That Put You Off

Don’t be shy or scared to be upfront about the things that put you off. It’s better to state them right away to save yourself and the person interested in you the trouble. Of course, everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, but it’s really better to just state the deal breakers beforehand to avoid wasting time and effort down the road.

7.Write Something Out of the Box

Don’t be like any other person out there. Think outside the box. If you were the reader, what would bore you, and what would be interesting for you? Yes, give out general information, but do something in your profile that would separate you from others. There are so many profiles out there, and you have to write something that makes you memorable.

8.Ask Questions

Sometimes, it’s hard for people to start off a conversation, even if they want to. Help the people interested in you by posting questions in your dating profile. They can use these questions to start a conversation with you, and who knows, their answers may surprise you.

9.Don’t Overdo It

Keep your profile pleasantly interesting, but do not overdo it. It’s not a life and death situation. You can change or update it whenever you want, so just don’t spend too much time going over it. As long as you did your best and you sported only your truest self, nothing should go wrong.


Your dating profile is your chance to put a spotlight on your best qualities. However, make sure that you keep it “you”. Just be yourself and have fun. After all, dating, online or not, is meant to be fun and meaningful.