How the Dating Game Changes as You Age

According to a 2015 report, there were around 40 million Americans who are over 65. It’s not really surprising, considering the steady growth of seniors have increased by a significant margin these past few years. What’s really surprising, however, is that a large portion of these seniors are singles: around 28% of men and 55% of women stated that they don’t have a partner.

If you’re part of those statistics, then you might be a bit concerned about your love life. However, you shouldn’t be. In fact, you can still get in on the dating game even if you’re in your senior years.

Without further ado, here are some winning tips to help you find a potential partner even after 60:

Dating in Your 20s

During your 20s, it’s mostly about focusing on building your career and meeting new and exciting individuals. When you happened to meet someone smexy (yes, that’s a term used to describe someone who’s both smart and sexy), you easily delved deep into romance.

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During this phase, dating will be about the chemistry both of you have, the fun moments together, and how close your locations are. If there are potential red flags, you most likely believe that they will change or that they aren’t that important at all. As long as the fun continues, you are more likely to remain in that relationship.

However, it is also during this stage that you’re not in a rush to settle down, so you shouldn’t expect too much from your partner either.

Dating in Your 30s

As you approach your 30s, you’ll notice that almost everything you knew about dating during your younger years become obsolete at this point. There are still some that remain, but most importantly, dating during your 30s will be about having a desire to find that special person whom you can spend the rest of your life with.

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More specifically, dating at this point just got more serious. It becomes more of a strategy minus the fun you used to have back in the days. At this point, if you have re-engaged into dating, a lot of things will have changed.

If you reached the point of maturity, you’ll no longer find those “attractive but emotionally unavailable” individuals interesting, nor will you go for future-incompatible dates. Instead, you will seek for a suitable long-term partner with whom you can build a life and family with.

Dating in Your 40s

If you’re in your 40s, the entire dating game will have changed drastically. The dating pool becomes smaller, and you’ll be somewhat put into pressure with all of your friends having lives of their own.

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During this phase, you’ll get in on the dating game to look for someone who’s completely willing to settle down with you. Additionally, it will become a bit easier for you to spot all those red flags which you might have ignored otherwise when you’re still younger. This time, the level of seriousness involved gets even more, well, serious.

People dating in their 40s will mostly go for a partner with a stable career, has a serious commitment level, and one who can seriously form a serious romantic connection.

However, this is also where lots of dating relationships can’t even seem to move past the 2 to 3-month mark, and some of the reasons involved the following:

  • Incompatibilities with each other’s personality

  • Differences in views and beliefs

  • Differences in goals

  • Physical incompatibility

This doesn’t mean that dating in your 40s is way harder – just that it’s different. Every time you date someone, you’re essentially learning more about yourself, what you need, and what you don’t. If it didn’t go well, then something must have been wrong, or maybe that wasn’t just a good fit. You just have to accept that fact and move on, continue dating other people, and hopefully, find the one who will stay.

Dating as You Get Older

The dating game might be way different as you age, but it doesn’t mean there’s no fun involved. In fact, a lot of people who go out on dates in their middle years find the entire dating experience more enjoyable.